What Sustains You? Microgreens & Vermicomposting! Workshops This Friday

The Greenhouse is holding two workshops as part of What Sustains You? week organized by Sustainable Concordia.



When: Friday March 23nd 1-2:30pm

Where: the Greenhouse

The vermicomposting workshop is designed to enhance knowledge of basic composting skills by using red wiggler worms for at-home, year-round, indoor composting. The workshop will review some basic worm anatomy, bin building, getting started at home, what and what not to feed your bin, troubleshooting (including pest control), harvesting and storing the compost soil for plants, making compost tea for your plants, dealing with excess worms (and possibly making a business out of your very own kitchen), and of course the most important question: why compost?

Sprouts and Micro-greens
When: Friday March 23 2:30-4pm

Where: the Greenhouse

Have you ever fantasized about growing your own food, but found your thumbs didn’t quite have enough of that green hue? This workshop can show you an easy, quick way to have fresh, living salad ingredients growing in your house year-round. Sprouting is the eating practice of growing and enjoying thousands of baby plants, tender and full of life. Ranging from your classic alfalfa sprout found in your local grocery store, to sprouted legumes like lentils and mung beans, to growing more leafy babies such as radish and peas, here you’ll get the basics of how to liven up your diet, your home and your soul with the joy of sprouting. Watch out, you might even find that the grains in your bread can be sprouted, too!


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