AquaponicsAquaponics Information Session

Thursday, November 14th, 5-7pm

In the Atrium Lounge

Join us for this semester’s information session on the Greenhouse’s resident aquaponics system. We’ll go over the basic concepts of aquaponics, touching a bit on

Four Seasons Growing1

the biology and water chemistry involved. We’ll also review some major milestones and learning from our own experience over the past 3 years. This is a great opportunity to network and potentially collaborate with others interested in the subject. For more details on our project please see Workshop partly in French and English, whisper translation available as needed. Free.

Mushroom Cultivation

Tuesday, November 12th, 5pm-7pm

In the Atrium Lounge

Have you ever wondered whether those daily items thoughtlessly thrown in the trash were really garbage? What if someone told you that your morning coffee grounds could be transformed into a gastronomic marvel? Much of 543282_302688419819252_1693818932_nwhat society considers trash can be re-purposed and used to  create something from nothing! Come out and meet a group of Concordia students who have in set out to learn how to turn coffee grounds into oyster mushrooms!  They will present their process and demonstrate how you too can grow Oyster mushrooms in your own home. This workshop will go over the basics of mushroom production and then we build home-growing chambers for everyone to take home.

$5 material cost.  20 person limit. Please email to register.


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