Food Sovereignty & Transformations Session



The Food Sovereignty & Transformation Session lasts for 3 months and is the third and final component of our City Farm School (CFS) Internship Program. Beginning September 4th and ending November 11th, this session focuses on harvest and transformation techniques, how to preserve what you grow, how to use gardening and growing as a source of community engagement and what is happening locally and globally in terms of food sovereignty and systems. It takes place in the downtown Concordia Greenhouse located at the top of the Hall Building and at the NDG farm at the Loyola Campus.

This stream requires 60 hours over the course of three months. If you are interested in applying for the full internship program, please go here. You do not have to be a Concordia Student to apply. This internship is open to everyone over the age of 18!

What you can expect to learn from this programme:

fundamental practices of organic vegetable gardening
principles of garden design and collective management
working with local populations and food
an understanding of local food systems, opportunities and challenges
how to design and facilitate workshops

The programme is divided into two main components – Education and Internship.




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