Concordia Greenhouse Plant Sale Bonanza March 12th from 12-8pm!



We will be partnering with Neumark Design and HydroFlora Concordia to sell a variety of ecologically grown houseplants in our rooftop Greenhouse!

1) WE ARE ACCEPTING CASH ONLY for the Greenhouse’s plants; However, Neumark Design and HydroFlora Concordia will be accepting Interac/Credit transactions.

2) BRING YOUR OWN PACKAGING to transport your plants!
It’s important in cold weather that plants are well protected from the cold so that they do not get frost damage. We recommend you bring both a BOX or tray to easily carry your plants and PLASTIC BAGS to wrap your plants with.

3) WAIT TIMES AND LINEUPS may be long, so try to come early. We have attempted to spread out traffic by offering longer hours than in the past. We suggest that you bring a snack and/or a book with you. At 12:00 pm we will open the doors, but the Greenhouse will be closed before and after the sale.

These are the rates being offered by each group during the sale:
The Concordia Greenhouse: $4 – $40
Neumark Design: $6 – $65
HydroFlora Concordia: $10 – $80

Plant lists and any other updates will also appear in the event description and discussion section of the Facebook event page!

The Concordia Greenhouse is located on the northwest corner of the 13th floor of the Henry F. Hall building, 1455 de Maisonneuve West. To get here, go to the 12th floor and follow the signs in the hallways to stairwell # 1285. For the Plant Sale event only, we regret that the Concordia Greenhouse will not be wheelchair accessible due to limited space to navigate within the premises. Normally, we invite those who require wheelechair access to please contact us in advance of your visit at, as there is a mechanical elevator that goes to the 13th floor.

For Media inquiries, please contact Megan Mericle at:

Concordia is located on unceded Kanien’kehá:ka traditional territory.
Concordia est situé dans le territoire traditionnel non cédé de Kanien’kehá:ka.

Fee Levy opt-out period: Jan. 22 – Feb. 1

The common winter opt-out period runs from Tuesday, Jan 22nd to Friday Feb 1st. During the period there will be tabling fairs where students will have the opportunity for students to opt-out of multiple groups in one place:

  • Downtown: Thursday January 24th from 11:00am to 1:00pm at the  7th floor of the Hall building (1455 de Maisonneuve West)
  • Loyola campus: Thursday, January 31st from 11:00am to 1:00pm at the Loyola Hive, SC-200 ***The greenhouse is confirming its participation in the Loyola fair shortly.

You can opt-out of the fee levy that you contribute to the greenhouse during our regular office hours Monday – Friday, between 11:00 am – 5:00 pm by appointment by emailing: between Tuesday, January 22nd to Friday February 1st.

You must bring your student ID card and student account record (you can show your up-to-date number of credits on your account via your laptop or mobile device; by using a computer on-site at the greenhouse; or, if you wish, by print out).

While all of the fee levy groups are working to ensure that students wishing to opt-out may do so, fee levy group staff and volunteers will not tolerate disrespectful treatment from students who are opting out. This includes, but is not limited to, racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, classist and aggressive comments and/or actions.

For more information on opting out, visit:

AGM today at 6pm! Free food + meet our Board candidates!

Meet our Board of Directors candidates today at our Annual General Meeting, and grab some free food and vote on key items from 6-8pm in our cozy and warm greenhouse space TODAY! Here are the candidates’ statements for the 2019 Board of Directors of the Concordia Greenhouse!

Diana Moallem: Currently I am an active member of the Board of Directors at Concordia Greenhouse and would like to present my interest in joining the Board for 2018-2019. I have a graduate degree in Agriculture Sciences and many years of experience in research, landscaping, logistics and trade. I also joined Concordia City Farm School programs and completed the Market Gardener and Medicinal Plant full apprenticeships where I developed more expertise and knowledge about organic agriculture practice in the local context.

Ethan Mermell:
In applying for the Board of Directors, I plan to further further my involvement with the Concordia Greenhouse’s mission for fostering community, through experiential learning opportunities. As a current Four Seasons Growing Intern, I have developed a connection to the Greenhouse and I believe my vision in regards to food systems, educational experience, and community building is very similar to that of the Concordia Greenhouse’s.
I am an exchange student here at Concordia from San Francisco State University where I major in Sustainability and Social Justice. With my degree, I intend to challenge unjust food systems and mainstream consumerism, with the eventual goal of getting involved in environmental policy. My coursework in Environmental Law, Urban Agriculture, Environmental Ethics, and Environmental Justice has acquainted me with the necessary aspects of maintaining an environmental-based nonprofit organization, in particular, I have learned about non-profit governance, non-hierarchical organizational structures and equitable internal policy-making.
I have prior experience working with nonprofit organizations, San Francisco Botanical Garden Society and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, both organizations sharing a common mission of cultivating community through the bond between people and plants, with a focus on relevancy and accessibility to all communities. I worked as an environmental educator for both organizations, mainly teaching to alleviate the disconnection that exist between the purchase of food and the growing of food. I was involved in annual fundraising for both organizations, giving tours and assisting in gardening workshops, and staffed many community oriented events. I have knowledge of hiring processes from selecting high-school interns to work on the Botanical Gardens Children’s garden, and oversaw their work and provided feedback. Through The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, I attended multiple trainings on conflict resolution and working with people facing trauma. As well as trainings on creating accessible environmental spaces for marginalized folks, and fostering community through environmental prosperity. Thank you!

Stella Matoso: Hello my name is Stella and I am an undergraduate student at Concordia, Majoring in Urban Studies and Minoring in Sustainability. I am running to become a member of the Board of Directors because I’m interested in sustainable movements, food security, skill sharing, community organizing, and social justice movements. I am in the process of finishing up an internship at the greenhouse this fall which is what peaked my interest in running. I previously volunteered at CAGJ, a grassroots community-based organization in Seattle seeking to transform unjust trade and agricultural policies and practices. Through that experience I learned about food sovereignty and fundraising by helping request donations for their annual dinner auction, and attending meetings to discuss incentives and goals for CAGJ’s future. I also completed an
internship at a plant shop in Seattle, where I learned about general plant care and coordinated a marketing campaign to help them develop a solid business profile and reach new demographics. Working in several restaurants for over 4 years has also given me experience with interpersonal relations and conflict resolution skills. From these experiences I was inspired to work on farms for 6 months and volunteer for a non-profit organic gardening and urban ecology organization Tilth Seattle, which both solidified my interests in urban agriculture and community organizing. All in all, I believe this position would be an excellent opportunity for me to build onto my community organizing, fundraising, and finance skills, as well as help me get closer to my career plans!

Sarah Larmony: I want to become part of the greenhouse team to help guide the organization in its growth and to continue developing its commitment to allow learning opportunities about ways to build and maintain smarter and more sustainable food systems within urban settings. I want to apply my skills to spread awareness and aid the greenhouse initiative to help create a more ecologically-conscious and healthy world, and to build my skills to have meaningful opportunities once I finish my undergraduate degree here at Concordia.
Here is a list of my past experiences and skills acquired:
In Human Resources: 
HydroFlora Concordia: (visiting research project housed in the Concordia greenhouse) – I am familiar with group decision-making and the collective model, and have experience creating and maintaining governing policies, task accountability and responsibility.
Daycare for 3+ years and volunteered at an animal shelter for 4 years: In these capacities I helped with scheduling, managing volunteers and the public, and gained interpersonal skills and conflict-resolution skills.
Rotary International: understanding and familiarity with non-profit structure and governance, and experience representing the organization’s mandate, policies and code of conduct.
Robotics: experience in a competition helped to develop teamwork and time-management skills, leadership skills while working under pressure.
Community service: I have volunteer experience working with marginalized groups that span a large range of ages (children/youth-seniors), and in particular have experience working to aid food security and public health in more urbanized settings.
In Finance and Fundraising:
Girls Learn International: As Treasurer, I handled the budget, had financial responsibility, strategized practical financial goal-keeping for long and short-term campaigns, and I organized fundraising and advocacy events for social justice and food security issues.

Rayanne Papp Abbas:
My name is Rayanne. I’m currently completing a Four Seasons Growing internship at the Concordia Greenhouse. I am planning on attending the City Farm School next year to complete the Market Gardener Full Apprenticeship. I am particularly interested in food sovereignty and organic, local food production, and I think the Concordia Greenhouse is a great place to learn about both. As the greenhouse is becoming more and more popular among students, I think it’s important that we strive to get more people actively participating in its growth and development. The Greenhouse is more than a study area for students who gather there, and we can create more opportunities for students to learn through free hands-on workshops, guided tours, and student-led discussions.
I consider myself a valuable addition to the board of directors. I have great interpersonal skills, as well as a good sense of initiative. When I was a student at Vanier college, I founded a yoga club with the goal to offer free yoga classes to students on campus. The club was a success and gave many students the opportunity to benefit from the practice without worrying about cost. This experience has allowed me to develop strong communication skills, as well as build the confidence to work on new projects, knowing that I can bring them to reality.
I currently work at Coop la Maison Verte, a cooperative cafe and organic grocery store in NDG. I aspire to one day run my own cooperative farm or greenhouse and teach people about food solidarity, permaculture, and urban farming. I believe that becoming a member in the board of the directors will allow me to learn how to keep this type of establishment running successfully, and provide me with valuable experience that will serve me well in my future career.

Tess Fleet: My name is Tess and I am applying to be a part of the Concordia Greenhouse Board of Directors. If elected, this would be my second year with this team. I’ve spent the last year working with the board as a part of the Human Resources working group and while I’ve learnt so much, I aspire to keep growing in this field and helping out however I can. I’m very lucky for my prior experience with the board, as they have given me the chance to participate in trainings such as anti-oppression and non-violent communication. I’ve also gained some valuable experience working in a non-hierarchical, consensus-based environment. In addition to being familiar with the administrative functioning of the greenhouse I’m also extremely familiar with all of the educational programs offered by the greenhouse as I’ve completed multiple of their internship programs. I believe my knowledge of the greenhouse on paper and in practice would be a great advantage for someone working on the board.
Another reason to consider my candidacy would be my position as an undergraduate student at the University of Concordia. I am in my final year of study within the geography department and therefore have managed to cultivate a large network with students who have a particular interest in many of the projects conducted by and through the greenhouse! My area of study in specific is relevant to the skill-set that I bring. My focus is on environment and sustainability. As a result, I am very well versed in both ecological and cultural sustainability, pertaining to subjects such as food politics, as well as ecological agriculture and practices.
For these reasons I believe that I would be an ideal representative of the Concordia Greenhouse mandate and a useful asset to the Board of Directors. It would be an honor to be continue being a part of the team and I’m grateful for the opportunity!

Annual General Meeting on Nov. 27th!

All undergraduate students, greenhouse volunteers, interns, apprentices, staff and board members of the greenhouse are welcome to join us at our Annual General Assembly from 6-8pm on November 27th at the Concordia Greenhouse!

At this meeting, there will be presentations of:
-Financial statements for 2018, and the 2019 Budget
-Reports from collective members and visiting research projects
-*Elections for the Board of Directors (see below for info!)
-Vote on amendments to the Concordia Greenhouse Constitution – see the new draft of our Constitution to vote on here!

🌿There will also be free food and our organic teas available!🌿
We can provide access to those with reduced mobility if you contact us to make an appointment. Email or call 514-848-2424 x. 5134.

*Interested in joining the Board of Directors for the Concordia Greenhouse and to help us reach our goals of disseminating knowledge about working sustainability and promoting urban agriculture and food security? We are looking for undergraduate students, interns, apprentices, volunteers, and community members affiliated with our organization that recognize our mandate and vision to run as candidates for the 2018-2019 Board of Directors!

In particular, we encourage individuals with knowledge and experience in human resources, fundraising, non-profit governance and legalities, accounting or financial management, consensus decision-making processes, experience with hiring, evaluations or conflict resolution, grant-writing, anti-oppression, and knowledge of sustainable and social justice movements to apply. The Concordia Greenhouse recognizes and welcomes the contributions that individuals who identify as members of marginalized communities bring to our organization. We encourage, among others, women, Indigenous people, people of colour, disabled people, people identifying as LGBTQIAA2S+, formerly incarcerated or institutionalized people, immigrants and people from working-class backgrounds to apply to our Board. We also understand that applicants may experience a number of these identities simultaneously in ways that reinforce and nuance their experience. We are committed to creating an organization as diverse as the communities we serve.

Interested in applying? Send an email to by 5:00 pm on Friday November 23rd with your completed application form and your 300-500-word (maximum) statement of intent.

*You can find applications and more information about joining the Board of Directors here:

The Concordia Greenhouse is an initiative that uses the Henry F. Hall building rooftop greenhouse as an all-organic space geared towards education, research and community-building. As an educational space, the greenhouse seeks to be an environment for workshops, projects and events that address urban sustainability and food security issues.
At the base of the project are principles of mutual respect, promoting equality among project members and the community at large through consensus-based decision making process and co-operative management structure. We aim to affirm and renew our leadership in sustainability and urban agriculture in what we do within the university and in our interactions with external communities.

We strive to promote sustainability within the Concordia-Montreal community by:
*Serving as a resource center and a demonstration site for urban agricultural techniques and food security initiatives;
*Acting as a springboard for innovative solutions and research in urban sustainability;
*Offering workshops on sustainable city living and year-round food production;
*Supporting a network of urban agricultural organizations throughout Montreal;
*Linking students to volunteer and job opportunities in the community;
*Providing a forum where socioeconomic, political and environmental issues relating to food, energy and water can be discussed.

OUR MISSION is to provide a year-round all organic green space that fosters community, provides experiential learning opportunities and grows healthy stuff!

OUR VISION is for locally-empowered sustainable urban gardens, at Concordia University and beyond.

We believe in…
-Ecological principles
-Experiential learning
-Community relationships
-Collective, non-hierarchical decision-making
-Non-profit organizations
-Food accessibility, security and quality
-Inclusive, safe spaces
-Accountability and transparency
-Job creation and opportunities
-Supporting marginalized communities

Fee Levy Group Opt Out Period

Should you wish to opt out of our fee levy our opt out period is the week following the last day for academic withdrawal.The fall opt-out period will run from September 18th – 28th.

In order to opt-out from funding the Concordia Greenhouse, please come to our office during the opt out period. We are located on the 13th floor of the Hall building at 1455 de Maisonneuve West, during our office hours (Mon – Fri 11am – 5pm, September 25th – October 6th) with your student ID card and student account record during the opt-out period and we’ll provide you with a refund.

Refunds will be provided in cash at the fee levy rate of $0.24 per credit/per semester (for undergrads.) You can provide your student record in different ways: by showing your academic record via your own laptop or mobile phone; by logging onto to your myconcordia portal from a computer at our office; or by providing a printout of your record.

We can provide access to those with reduced mobility if you contact us to make an appointment. Email or call 514-848-2424 x. 5134.

We’re hiring! Finance and Fundraising Coordinator

Hours: 20 hours/week until end of December 2019, then 25 hrs/week as of Jan 1st 2020   

Start date: November 28, 2019 

Pay rate:  $17/hour 

About the Concordia Greenhouse

The Concordia Greenhouse Project is a collectively run, consensus-based, non-profit organization. It uses the Henry H. Hall Building rooftop greenhouse as an all-organic space geared towards community, education and sustainable horticulture. The Greenhouse is a year-round green space that hosts workshops, projects and events raising awareness around food issues and alternatives to mainstream consumerism. 

We aspire to strengthen the urban agriculture movement at Concordia University, and in Montreal by growing local produce using ecological practices, providing experiential learning opportunities through volunteering, internships and jobs, and networking with other like-minded individuals and organizations.



Accounting and Financial Management

  • Manage and oversee general accounting cycle
    • Prepare financial statements, trimesterly reports and forecasts
    • Monitor budgets, cash flow and financial reports
    • Manage and complete deposits, as needed
    • Monitor expenses, including replenishing petty cash on a monthly basis
  • Strengthen and develop internal financial accountability framework
    • Provide financial training for staff/collective members, and board of directors (BOD), as needed
    • Support collective members with their budgets, as needed
    • Participate in the finance committee
    • Report overall financial picture to staff/collective on a monthly basis, or as needed
  • Payroll processing
    • Review, approve and transmit payroll to external payroll company
    • Maintain payroll schedule, according to predetermined pay periods set out by the external payroll company


  • Prepare SAGE 50 files and other documents as required for annual financial review, and related reports 
    • Manage internal controls, related reports and procedures
    • Liaise with external accountant and various federal and Quebec agencies, as required
  • Prepare documents for year-end reports and declarations
    • Liaise with external accountant and government agencies, as required
  • Maintain yearly insurance status



  • Full-cycle accounting using Sage 50 software
    • Code source documents – invoices, receipts and payroll records to the appropriate revenue, expense, asset and liability accounts
    • Record transactions in journals and the general ledger for accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll
    • Reconcile asset accounts on a monthly basis
  • Maintain internal financial records
    • Bank statements, internal AG account transaction details and PayPal account 
    • Manage budgets and cash flow statements, including financial projections
    • Prepare trimesterly or quarterly financial reports for staff, and the board of directors
  • Annual budget creation
    • Facilitate the creation of the annual budget with input from project coordinators
    • Propose draft budget for collective and BOD review
    • Present budget and financial statements at annual general meeting



  • Research and apply for grants relating to programing, infrastructure repairs and other projects, as required
  • Support staff and  BOD members in fundraising efforts
  • Coordinate organization-wide fundraising strategies


Collective Member Duties

  • Attend and participate in collective meetings
  • Provide regular updates to collective and BOD
  • Supervise Greenhouse space during school semester opening hours (at least 1 shift/week)
  • Support other staff in the Greenhouse, as needed
  • Contribute to maintaining a clean and safe environment
  • Contribute to institutional memory and training guidebook by maintaining clear documentation of the position
  • Ensure production space is clean, organized and stocked
  • Participate in project consultations, as needed



  • Minimum 1 year of experience with bookkeeping, payroll, or related fields
  • Formal studies in accounting or finance, an asset
  • Experience with accounting software (SAGE 50, an asset)
  • Proven experience with fundraising and grant-writing
  • Knowledge of not-for-profit financial management and structure
  • Experience and interest in non-hierarchical group decision-making and governance
  • Bilingualism (English/French), an asset
  • Familiarity with the Concordia Greenhouse and the organization’s mission and mandate



  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • Excellent communication skills; ability to communicate complex financial information in easy-to-understand language
  • Detail-oriented, professional and punctual
  • Ability to work efficiently in a self-directed and dynamic work environment


To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to our hiring committee at by , November 22nd, 2019, midnight. Please note that only those being considered for an interview will be contacted. Interviews will take place on November 25, 2019 . The selected candidate will be expected to begin training the week of November 28, 2019.  





The Concordia Greenhouse recognizes and welcomes the contributions that individuals who identify as members of marginalized communities bring to our organization. We encourage, among others, Indigenous people, people of colour, disabled people, people identifying as LGBTQIP2SAA, women, formerly incarcerated or institutionalized people, immigrants and people from working class backgrounds to apply. We also understand that applicants may experience a number of these identities simultaneously in ways that reinforce and nuance their experience. We are committed to creating an organization as diverse as the communities we serve.


Please indicate clearly in your cover letter that you would like to be considered for Employment Equity by including the phrase “I would like to be considered for Employment Equity”. Please note you do not need to disclose your reasons for applying for Employment Equity.

Registration Now OPEN!

Microgreens C.S.A!.png

Calling all sprout lovers!

The Concordia Greenhouse is offering a weekly Microgreen Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA)!

Pre-order and receive a big bag of ecologically-grown sprouts each week from our rooftop greenhouse.

We are now taking CSA orders for FALL 2018
September 10 – December 10
*Possibility to sign up for later for a reduced period.


Pay a discounted amount for your weekly sprout order – $6.50 weekly, totaling $90 for all 14 weeks.
(Pro-rated for late sign-ups)

*Each week, members will receive a large (200g) bag of sprouts each week, with two types to choose from:
1) Sunflower
2) Mix (i.e. blend of Pea shoots, Radish, Sunflower and Buckwheat [gluten-free]).

This C.S.A. is a great way to save money (discount compared to retail prices) and guarantees you receive a supply of our super-popular and super-local sprouts each week!

E-mail us at if you have any further questions. Bon appetit!


Internship and Apprenticeships Opportunities!

Concordia GH Andrew.jpg

LOYC 420: Internship in Sustainability

Interested in food security, and growing your own food year-round using organic methods? The ​Concordia ​Greenhouse Project​ is looking for undergraduate​ students interested in taking the Internship in Sustainability credit LOYC 420 with for the Fall 2018 semester. During this internship, you would learn how to grow greens year long in a greenhouse context, focusing specifically on planting, harvesting, pest control, fertilization, packaging and deliveries. The internship requires 120 hours – to be completed between September 10th, 2018 and​ December 10th, 2018.

​This internship will build students’ experience with small business planning, food security and ecological growing methods.

​Experience working with plants an asset. If you are interested please send your CV and cover letter to Charleen Kotiuga at by Wednesday, August 29th at 5pm.

Please contact Dr. Rebecca Tittler ( for enrollment details.

Note: This internship can be in conjunction with other internship programs (with department approval).



Apply by August 20th here.

The Permaculture & Policy Session lasts for 3 months and is the third and final component of our City Farm School (CFS) Apprenticeship Program. Beginning September 3rd and ending November 10th, this session focuses on harvest and transformation techniques for medicinal plants and end of year produce, permacultural methods of design, fruit forest landscaping, how to save seed and the science of seeds, how to use gardening and growing as a source of community engagement and what is happening locally and globally in terms of food sovereignty and systems. It takes place in the NDG farm at the Loyola Campus.

This stream requires 60 hours over the course of three months. If you are interested in applying for the full internship program, please go here. You do not have to be a Concordia Student to apply. This internship is open to everyone over the age of 18!

What you can expect to learn from this programme:

fundamental practices of organic vegetable gardening
principles of garden design and collective management
working with local populations and food
an understanding of local food systems, opportunities and challenges
how to design and facilitate workshops
Application link:

Our City Farm School Market is BACK!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Come join us at the Loyola quad on Tuesday, June 12th from 4-6 pm for the launch of our City Farm School (CFS) farmers market! City farm schools ultra local, ecologically grown produce is cultivated by our apprentices, who are training to be the next generation of small scale Farmers. Markets will take place every Tuesday from June 12- October 30.

This year our location has CHANGED to be at the Loyola quad instead of the Solar house. Come on by for some good vibes, veg, and to pick our brains on gardening queries. This week’s market will have : arugula, mesclun, lettuces, cilantro, radishes, kale, Swiss chard, and more!
Are you downtown? Don’t fret- starting Wednesday June 20, the CFS produce will come to the ev courtyard every Wednesday from 11:30-2:30. 
See you there!
For more information, please email

Our mission is to provide a welcoming, organic green space that fosters community by providing experiential learning opportunities within a year-round growing environment.