Seedling sale update

Many plants sold out on our first day..! So we have cancelled the last day of the sale, as it is unlikely that the supplies will last. If you are looking for something in particular its best to get here quick, because it won’t be long until all the plants are gone.

Remaining Species include;

Tomatoes – mulitple varieties
Peppers – Sweet and hot peppers
Yellow and Green Zucchini
Celery Rave
White Kohlrabi
Chou Savoie
Brussel Sprouts
Peruvian Ground Cherry


& Black Locasts

Thanks for all your support!


Our EPIC Seedling Sale is NEXT WEEK!

Its almost here!  The annual City Farm School “Vert ta Ville” spring seedling sale.  There is no better way to get your heirloom variety seedlings and than those produced naturally and locally – by the City Farm School Students!   All flowers, veggies and herb seedlings will be priced at $3.  For a list of available species, please click here.

Preparing seedlings in newspaper containers! Recycle it!
Rows of spicy peppers!
Rows of green onions.

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EPIC Seedling Sale!!!

Tuesday May 21st to Friday May 24th
10am – 7pm : or until supplies last at the Concordia Greenhouse
Its almost here!  The annual City Farm School “Vert ta Ville” spring seedling sale.  There is no better way to get your heirloom variety seedlings and than those produced naturally and locally – by the City Farm School Students!   All flowers, veggies and herb seedlings will be priced at $3.  For a list of available species, please click here.
Tuesday May 21st to Friday May 24th
10am – 7pm :  or until supplies last at the Concordia Greenhouse
1455 de Maisoneuve O. – Hall Building 13th Floor

Coming up at the Concordia Greenhouse!

DSC02055Hey friends!

As we enter the final stretch of the semester, and exam time, we have some important updates for the greenhouse community.

The volunteer sessions for the Greens, Microgreens and Tea Atrium are wrapping up for the season this week. If you`ve ever wanted to learn more about these projects, NOW IS THE TIME to come by and check them out! Otherwise next Semester we will be back with new and exciting things to come!

Our Thursday crafternoon session is coming to a close. Thank you to everyone who joined us for sunny afternoon creative play this year!

We are reducing our hours after April 16th for the rest of the month to Monday – Friday 1pm – 5pm. So please take note, and tell your friends!

If you have any questions, you can give us a shout at

EPIC SEEDLING SALE – end of May 2013!

Plant Variety
Aubergine/ Eggplant Rosa Bianca (Yves Gagnon)
Broccoli De Cicco (Tournesol)
Céleri/Celery Célébration
Céleri-rave/ Celery-root Mars (Yves Gagnon)
Cerise de terre/ Ground Cherries Physalis pruinosa (Tournesol)
Chou/Cabbage Chou rouge express (Tourne-Sol)
Chou de bruxelle (Mycoflor)
Chou de savoie
Chou fleur (Yves Gagnon)
Chou rave blanc (Mycoflor)
Fenouil/ Fennel Perfection (Tourne-Sol)
Kale Red Russian (Tourne-sol)
Lancinato (Écoumène)
Oignon/ Onion Red Man (Yves Gagnon)
à botteler (Écoumène)
Walla Walla (Tourne-Sol)
Piment fort/ Spicy Pepper Chinese Five Colours (Tourne-Sol)
Purple Jalapeno (Tourne-Sol)
Bulgarian Carrot (TourneSol)
Poireau/ Leeks Val-aux-Vents (La Société des Plantes)
Poivrons/ Peppers
red King of the North (Écoumène)
purple Chocolat (Ecoumene)
yellow Mandarine (Yves Gagnon)
Tomate/ Tomatoes
Cherry Yellow Golden Nugget (Écoumène)
Large Red Tomate Siletz (Ecoumene)
Montreal Tasty (tourne-sol)
Red Cherry Cherry Fox (Yves Gagnon)
Matt’s Wild Cherry (ecoumene)
Sun Drop
Italienne “Plum” San Marzano
Roman Candle
Large Pink Tomato Mac Pink
Meme de Beauce (ecoumene)
Savingnac -bio Indeterminate
Large Black Noire du Portage (Yves Gagnon)
Noire de Crimée
Medium Purple Black Prince (tourne-sol)
Green Stripes Émerald Green
Glacier Green (tourne-sol)
Small/Med Red Mountain Princess (Yves Gagnon)
Tomatillios purple (Ecoumene)
green (tourne-sol)
Marketmore (tourne-sol)
Libanais Green finger (Ecoumene)
Melon brode de Montreal (Ecoumene)
Blacktail Mountain – Watermelon (Tournesol)
Fine Herbs
Aneth/Dill Aneth (Tourne-Sol)
Basilic /Basil Gênes (Tourne-Sol)
Pistou (Italien) (Mycoflor)
Red opal (Écoumène)
Thai (Mycoflor)
Cerfeuil/Chervil Great Green (Tourne-Sol)
Coriandre/Coriander Santos (Tourne-Sol)
Menthe/Mint verte (Mycoflor)
Origan/Oregano Grec (Tourne-Sol)
Persil/Parsley Frisé (Tourne-Sol)
Plat (Tournesol)
Sauge/Sage Sauge commune (Tourne-Sol)
Thym/ Thyme Thym (Tourne-Sol)
Mauve (Yves Gagnon)
Tagète (La Société des Plantes)
Tournesol (Tourne-Sol)
Rubdeckie (Mycoflor)
alyssum (Mycoflor)
Rose Trémière (Mycoflor)Cappucine (Tourne-Sol)
Plantes médicinales
Camomille (Yves Gagnon)
Échinacée (Tourne-Sol)
Guimauve (Yves Gagnon)
Ortie (Yves Gagnon)
Anise Hyssop (tourne-sol)Calendule (Tourne-Sol)


fbGREAT NEWS! We are so pleased to announce that we have been accepted to become a student fee levy group!! WE ARE SO EXCITED to receive such support from the student body! ♥
HUGE thanks to the Greenhouse Collective: Jackie, Stefanie, Johanna, Marcus, Sheena and to all the amazing people who volunteered their time to campaign and spread to word! Special thanks to Antonio Starnino for the incredible graphic design for our media campaign.

We will now have an annual budget, which will allows us to operate sustainably. This fee levy is going to make a huge difference in our ability to operate, as well as ensure we keep the space open with regular programming for the benefit of all.

We look forward continuing to see you, whether you are a student or a community member, in our tea atrium, at our workshops, on the city farm at Loyola, and all over campus!

Thank you everyone!

Sheena Swirlz
The Concordia Greenhouse Collective

VOTE YES for the Greenhouse Fee Levy

saveSome of you may know this already and some of you may not…  the greenhouse is going for a fee levy in the elections on March 26, 27 & 28th and we could really use your help!

Since the the Greenhouse project began, it has been running on the sweat and dreams of passionate people, and on their drive to find the resources to make these wonderful things happen. However, the greenhouse needs help in order to finally obtain a secured, annual budget, since we have reached a stand-still with one time start-up grants and bursaries.  Which means, without this fee levy,  we can no longer continue to keep the greenhouse operating the way we have all come to know and love.  To be perfectly clear, there is a possibility that the greenhouse will close without it.

SO COME AND SHOW YOUR SUPPORT March 26, 27th and 28th between 10am – 8pm at locations all over campus! We`ll know on Friday if we were successful so stay tuned to our FACEBOOK!


What people have to say about the GREENHOUSE:

“The People’s Potato supports the Concordia Greenhouse fee levy!

The Potato and the Greenhouse have had a long standing relationship over the last few years exchanging info, services, volunteers, and collaborating on projects such as Vert ta ville seedling project, the City Farm School urban agriculture project, the RealiTea local tea initiative, and others!

As another food security oriented group on campus, the Greenhouse fulfills a key role in this community by providing accessible services around environmental sustainability, permaculture, composting, and many others. They hold workshops, craft nights, film screenings, discussion and reading groups, which are often free to all.

Our collective and board have also held meetings and events in their amazing soul-nourishing greenhouse space on the 13th floor of the Hall building.

We love the Greenhouse and encourage all community members to check out and engage in the wonderful numerous projects of this great group.”

In Solidarity,

People’s Potato Collective

” The greenhouse and the passionate work and love generously provided by the Concordia students and faculty support extends out into the Montreal community affecting the lives of many folks beyond the university hub. This kind of community building is quintessential in a sustainable vision of the city of Montreal. As a youth worker in the community organization Dans La Rue, i work with youth at risk and in poverty and am responsible for an employment program where these youth run a community garden, grow food for our day center and work to provide events in the garden bringing together the community that shares the garden and neighbours the Dans La rue day center. As a participant at Farm School I was able to learn from many knowleadgeable and passionate individuals through the Concordia Greenhouse and bring this back to my community work with the youth at Dans La rue. Thank-you for your hard work and committment to food security in Montreal. you cannot always see how far your everyday choices affect others – yet each choice ripples and ripples outward and the greenhouse is a center of creative vision and action that we cannot lose. “
-Karina Gregory

“The greenhouse at Concordia is an invaluable resource. Their educational programming is both very important and very exciting. They also do a great service to the Concordia community by providing a beautiful and calming environment for folks to enjoy.  The dedicated staff and volunteers of the greenhouse are welcoming and informative. I strongly encourage undergrads to vote yes for their fee levy so they may continue their awesome work.“

Tave Cole
 – Le Frigo Vert

Great things coming up at the Concordia Greenhouse!

Check out our Youtube Channel, featuring our latest video HERE!

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!facebook-quote (1)

If you`ve ever enjoyed the greenhouse, or have wanted to volunteer to learn more, and help out NOW IS THE TIME! For the next week, we have a lot of fun and interesting volunteer tasks, so please come by during our opening hours for volunteering options!

Most importantly, if you are an undergraduate student at Concordia university, REMEMBER TO VOTE YES for sustainable projects on campus, like the GREENHOUSE! March 26, 27, 28th – set reminders on your cell phones and vote in the 2013 Referendum to SAVE THE GREENHOUSE!

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Our mission is to provide a welcoming, organic green space that fosters community by providing experiential learning opportunities within a year-round growing environment.