Thank you for Voting NO to per-faculty fee-levy opt-outs!


We would like to thank all the Concordia Undergraduate students who voted NO to per-faculty fee-levy opt-outs!!

We rely on undergraduate student funding to provide all of our amazing services and programs! A per-faculty fee levy referendum process (which falsely divides up membership) would be detrimental and devastating to the Greenhouse and all fee levy groups. It would threaten the sense of community that has developed at Concordia, and will fundamentally change the nature of our organizations by preventing us from being able to build sustainable medium and long-term projects, campaigns and services.

Support Concordia Community organizations!

More info available at:


Concordia Greenhouse Summer internship

Tea Atrium Garden and houseplant propagation

LOYC 398C: Internship in sustainability

The Greenhouse is looking for an undergrad student interested in taking the Internship in Sustainability credit LOYC 398C with us (see for more information on the course). This position would assist in the greenhouse this summer with the tea atrium garden and houseplant propagations. The internship requires 120 hours to be completed from June 2nd – August 31st, and would consist of learning and applying some basic gardening tasks such as planting/transplanting, harvesting,fertilizing and pest control,as well as various methods of vegetative propagation, along with appropriate record-keeping. However, greenhouse in the summer is exceedingly hot, some tolerance of extreme heat is recommended.

If you are interested please contact Stefanie at byApril 30th, 2014


VOTE NO to per-faculty fee levy referendums (March 25-27)

The Concordia Greenhouse urges Concordia undergrads to VOTE NO to per-faculty fee levy referendums (March 25-27)

(more info below, including voting information; please read and share; get in touch with any questions)

Dear Concordia undergraduate student members –

We’re taking the time to spread the word to our friends, made up overwhelmingly of Concordia students, to urge you to pay attention to the upcoming CSU election, in which you are entitled to vote, and especially to encourage you to VOTE NO to per-faculty fee levy referendums. All fee levy groups — from the People’s Potato to Sustainable Concordia to Cinema Politica (and many more) — will be detrimentally affected if the per-faculty fee levy referendum goes through.


We at the Concordia Greenhouse, along with other fee levy groups, we are most concerned by a referendum question that aims to implement per-faculty fee levy referendums. The question is worded as follows:

“Per Faculty Referendums Petition – There are independent groups that receive funding from Concordia students called Fee Levy Groups to provide resources and services to students and the Concordia community. Should the results of referenda concerning fee levies be tallied on a per-faculty basis, the results of which would apply only to that faculty? For the purpose of these referenda, Independent students will be considered as a faculty.”

We strongly encourage undergraduate students to VOTE NO to the above question.

A per-faculty fee levy referendum process (which falsely divides up membership) will be detrimental and devastating to the Greenhouse and all fee levy groups. It will destroy the sense of community that has developed at Concordia, and will fundamentally change the nature of our organizations by preventing us from being able to build sustainable medium and long-term projects, campaigns and services.

A group of undergraduate students, representing all faculties, has formed a “Vote No” committee and you can visit their website for more information:

The following article, written by the chair of the “Vote No” committee, provides important information:Don’t Burn the Bridge: Fee-Levy Groups Provide Benefits Outside the Classroom:

The following article, written jointly by an Arts & Science and Business student, explains the issues concerning this referendum well: Stronger Together: An Argument Against Per-Faculty Opt-Outs:

The Concordia Greenhouse has previously joined with other fee levy groups to issue a statement which is available here:
ii) SUPPORT THE CENTER FOR GENDER ADVOCACY AND CUTVIn addition to encouraging your “NO” vote to the per-faculty fee levy referendum question, we are also endorsing a “YES” vote to the two following questions affecting other fee levy groups:

“Center for Gender Advocacy – Do you agree to increase the fee levy for the Centre for Gender Advocacy (formerly known as the 2110 Centre) by $0.08 per credit for all Concordia undergraduate students, thereby raising the current levy from $0.29 to $0.37? This increase will be used to support the Centre’s free and confidential peer support service, and ongoing work on sexual assault prevention, gender equality and solidarity with missing and murdered Indigenous women. The fee increase would take effect in the summer semester of 2014.”

“CUTV Fee Levy Transfer – A new non-profit organization has been incorporated, called “Community University Television Concordia” (CUTV), that has temporarily been delegated control and management of a student fee levy of $0.34 per credit by the “Concordia Student Broadcasting Corporation” (CSBC). Do you agree to officially and permanently transfer the management and control of this fee levy from the CSBC to the newly incorporated CUTV?”


The Concordia Concordia does not endorse CSU council or executive candidates. Fee levy groups are autonomous from the CSU except for referendums. However, due to the per-faculty fee levy referendums question, we urge everyone voting to get more informed about where councilors and executives exactly stand on this question. We urge you to get clear information from all candidates and to vote accordingly. Councillors and executive candidates indicating clearly and publicly that they will vote “no” to per-faculty fee levy referendums are helping to support the continued sustainability and vibrancy of groups like the The Greenhouse, QPIRG, the Center for Gender Advocacy, People’s Potato, Sustainable Concordia, and more.

iv) GETTING READY TO VOTE (MARCH 25-27): Mark your agendas!

The voting period for CSU elections is Tuesday, March 25, Wednesday, March 26 and Thursday, March 27 (THIS WEEK!). Polls are open between 10am to 8pm. If you’re a Concordia undergraduate student (ie. registered for at least one class for the winter semester) you can vote!

We encourage you to note now in your agendas a time and date that you will vote. Put aside 30 minutes for the process (in case of line-ups and bureaucracy); be sure to remember to bring your student card; maybe go out and vote with other Concordia students together so it’s more fun.
The polling stations will be at the following locations (and you can vote any ANY of the stations): (DOWNTOWN) Hall Building Lobby; Hall Building 4th Floor; Webster Library Atrium; EV Lobby; MB Lobby; Visual Arts Building Lobby; (LOYOLA) AD Main Floor; SP Lobby; CJ Lobby; Vanier Library; HA Lobby
QUICK Reminders:
– VOTE NO to per-faculty fee levy referendums.
– Support the Center for Gender Advocacy and CUTV.
– Get informed about where CSU candidates stand on per-faculty fee levy referendums.
– Visit the “Vote No” Committee website for more info:
– Mark in your agendas a time and date that you will vote (between March 25-27, 10am-8pm); remember your student card; vote together with friends.

This Week in the Greenhouse! AQUAPONICS!


Aquaponics Information Session

Thursday, March 20th, 5-7pm

Atrium Lounge


Join us for our semesterly information session on the Greenhouse’s resident aquaponics system. We’ll go over the basic concepts of aquaponics, touching a bit on the biology and water chemistry involved. We’ll also review some major milestones and learning from our own experience over the past 4 years. This is a great opportunity to network and potentially collaborate with others interested in the subject. For more details on our project please see visit our website here.

Workshop partly in French and English, whisper translation available as needed.



Facebook Event

Coming up at the Concordia Greenhouse!

We need volunteers for non-plant related tasks on campus this March! If you have some time please email us at to learn about how you can help the Greenhouse!!


Concordia Greenhouse OPEN HOUSE
Tuesday, March 4, 1-5pm                                                                                                               1455 de Maisonneuve West, 13th floor (Take the elevators to the 12th floor, then follow the signs to the stairwell to the 13th floor)
Bring a friend and show them an amazing spot on campus!
*Taste our delicious micro-greens
* Sample our greenhouse-grown herbal teas
* Relax in our atrium lounge and enjoy our many plants.
* Speak with our collective about our past and present projects. * Join a guided tour and check out our operation!
TOURS AT: 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm
Hope to see you there!


Hot Topics in Urban Agriculture: Start Your Garden Workshop

Thursday, March 6th, 5-7pm                                                                                                                                              Atrium Lounge
Getting ready to grow a garden this summer?  Come learn some tips on planing your garden so you get the most out of it.  We’ll discuss spacing, companion planting and where to buy seeds.  We’ll also have a hands on demo of how to start your own seedlings at home.


TOPIC: Mourning our climate: how are you we dealing with the emotional and even spiritual impacts of a dashed planet?

Monday, March 10th, 5-7pm
Atrium Lounge

The twenty-first century promises rising temperatures, undulating oil prices, scarce minerals, and economic uncertainty. We’ve heard some of the numbers and experienced the phenomena. How are these crises affecting not just our attitudes now but also our long-term decisions such as having children, going to school, or saving for retirement? How can we take care of ourselves and our community in a time of crisis? In this public conversation, we will seek to move beyond guilt, blind optimism, and doomsday gloom to create a compassionate space in which we can share stories of changes made and challenges encountered, and reflect upon our vulnerability and our resilience in the face of transition.
Facilitated by David Summerhays.
This is a repeat conversation from the University of the Streets Café.


Art in the ATRIUM: Yarn spiderweb weaving and Open Craft Circle

Tuesday, March 11th, 5-7pm
Atrium Lounge

Using tree wood sticks and string, replicate nature`s beautiful by weaving humanweb`s in this unique crafternoon! Including tea and discussion on cultural crafts.


Micro-greens and Sprout Growing Workshop!

Thursday March 13th, 6-8pm.
Atrium Lounge

Learn how to grow your own sprouts and micro-greens at home year round! These delicious treats are cheap and easy to grow, and will provide you with fresh healthy organic produce grown with love! Come to this workshop to learn about the many health and environmental benefits of consuming sprouts and micro-greens, and learn how easy it is to grow your own produce year round in limited growing conditions. So come learn how to grow these babies and you can start consuming your own produce in 2-14 days!
PWYC for supplies (bring a glass jar if you have one and be prepared to get your hands dirty!)
Required registration: 20 spaces available
To register email
Hope to see you there!

Our mission is to provide a welcoming, organic green space that fosters community by providing experiential learning opportunities within a year-round growing environment.