Four Seasons Growing




Our Four Seasons Growing program aims to explore the possibilities of urban agriculture in a greenhouse year-round. This includes overcoming the challenges of limited space and sunlight in the winter, while taking advantage of the year-round access to sun and warmth that the greenhouse provides. Winter is about exploring cold-crop growing in reduced light conditions. Production: 10-15kg/wk during the fall and winter school semesters. Additionally, we are able to re-use our containers when we sell in bulk. We deliver only locally, by foot.

Currently, the project serves multi-faceted benefits to the Montreal community. It provides a source of organic, local food sold at places such as Le Frigo Vert, Café X, The Concordia Farmers Market  and the Hive Co-op Cafe.

Our project also serves as an educational resource and demonstration site for different urban agricultural techniques (including micro-green production and container gardening).

Our four seasons growing is dual tracked, with sprouts and greens growing simultaneously. We also host student internships to help with production throughout the year. Applications occur in August and December.

Varieties we grow:

–    sunflowers

–    speckled peas

–    radish

–    mustard


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Our mission is to provide a welcoming, organic green space that fosters community by providing experiential learning opportunities within a year-round growing environment.