Organic Seeds from Tournesol


Please note that these the available varieties are subject to change as we only keep a small stock on hand.

Basil Genovese
Beans Bush Cherokee Trail of Tears
Beans Scarlet Runner
Beans Snap Bush Mix
Beans Snap Pole Mix
Beet Detroit Dark Red
 Broccoli De Cicco
Calendula Erfurter
Carrot Scarlet Nantes
Carrot Witches Fingers
Cilantro Santo
Cucumber Super Zagross Lebanese
Dill Bouquet
Ground Cherry
Hot Pepper Chinese Five Colour
Hot Pepper Mix
Hot Pepper Red Rocket
Kale Vates
Lettuce Salad Mix
Mustard Mighty Mix
Onion Evergreen Scallion
Parsley Italian
Peas Melange Sugar Snap
Peas Oregon Sugar Snow
Radish Raxe
Romaine Lettuce Flashy Trout Back
Soybean Edamame Envy
Spinach Bloomsdale
Sunflower Mix
Swiss Chard Rainbow
Tomato Black Cherry
Tomato Cherry Galina Yellow
Tomato Cherry Mix
Tomato Green Zebra
Tomato Jaune Flamee Orange
Tomato Matt’s Wild Cherry
Tomato Montreal Tasty
Tomato Total Mix
Zucchini Costa Romanesca
Zucchini Dark Green

Our mission is to provide a welcoming, organic green space that fosters community by providing experiential learning opportunities within a year-round growing environment.

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