Containers can dry out quickly and need to be watered daily. Try using self-watering containers and drip irrigation to increase time between watering. Add fertilizer to your watering can regular to keep your plants healthy.

When gardening above the ground level, it is important to ensure that water is not excessively running off your balcony onto your neighbours below. By setting up water collection trays, you can stop neighbours from complaining to your landlord and shutting down your garden.

Weight of Wet Soil

TrioLife planters estimated “humid” soil to be between 45 and 55lbs/ft3.  According to the Montreal gardening service Urban Seedling, “wet” soil weighs approximately 80 pounds per cubic foot. Concordia Civil Engineering students stated that 167.5lbs/ft3 for “saturated” soil.

Covered balconies will be protected from heavy rainstorms more than balconies with no ceiling/roof above them. Otherwise the planters are likely to get saturated in the rain.

Catching excess water

The easiest way to catch overflow water is to put drip trays underneath all of your planters. Many planters come with their own drip trays, but if you are making your own planters, you may need to buy drip trays or improvise. Trays for winter boots work well.

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