Gutter Gardens


Gutter gardens are a great way to take advantage of the vertical spaces around your home to grow flowers and edibles or create a stylish privacy screen without spending too much money. It`s also a great way to recycle old or discarded pieces of eaves trough (gutters) into something useful.


Some plants to grow in the shallow soil of a gutter garden: Strawberries, herbs, greens, succulents, and flowers.

Important Tip! Container gardens can dry out quickly, so make sure to water daily!

Build Your Own Gutter Garden!

Materials Needed:

●     2 (10′) metal rain guttersunnamed (3)

●     12 end caps (make sure to get left and right)

●     Strong chain (cut to size at the store) Alternatively strong rope/string can be used.

●     Nuts, bolts, and hooks

●     Hacksaw

●     Drill

●     Metal cutters


●     Measure out the space and decided how many planters you will want, and where they can be attached.

●     Wash well with soapy water to clean bacteria and any grime

●     If buying new, please note that new rain gutters only come in 10 feet long, so they will need to be cut. Sometimes used ones will also need to be cut with a hacksaw to cut to size.

●     Cut gutters to desired length.

●     Drill holes in the bottom for drainage (about 5 cms apart along the centre)

●     Drill holes to attach chain

●     Attach chain or rope and add end caps.

●     Hang up with hooks on attach to a wooden board on the wall.

●     Filling with compost-rich potting soil mix

●     Plant your seeds or seedlings!

●     Rain gutter gardens can lose the nutrients rapidly with all the watering in hot weather. So it`s best to  use a liquid fertilizer in the watering can about every ten days.

unnamed (5)

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