Plants for Container Growing


Starting a container garden this year? We recommend our Seedling sale this May 15th and 16th for tons of container varieties OR buy online from These following varieties are great for containers:

Organic Black Beauty Eggplant
Organic Falcon F1 Hybrid Eggplant
Organic Listada di Gandia Eggplant
Organic Ping Tung Long Eggplant
Organic Diamond Eggplant

Organic Alto Leek
Organic Bandit Leek
Organic King Richard Leek
Organic Tadorna Leek

Organic Mild Mustard Salad Blend
Organic Hotshot Spicy Mustard Mix
Organic Gourmet Lettuce Blend
Organic High Mowing Mesclun Mix
Organic DMR Salad Mix
Organic Yankee Lettuce Blend
Organic Red Planet Lettuce Blend
Organic Beta Salad Blend


Organic Mountain Princess Tomato
Organic Glacier Tomato


Organic Early Jalapeño Hot Pepper
Organic Hot Purira Pepper


Organic Provider Bush Bean
Organic Strike Bush Bean
Organic Tavera Haricot Vert Bush Bean

Organic Bull’s Blood Beet
Organic Detroit Dark Red Beet
Organic Red Ace F1 Beet
Organic Early Wonder Tall Top Beet
Organic Boro F1 Hybrid Beet
Organic Shiraz Beet

Organic Red Cored Chantenay Carrot
Organic Danvers 126 Carrot
Organic Scarlet Nantes Carrot
Organic Yellowstone Carrot
Organic Napoli F1 Hybrid Carrot
Organic Yaya F1 Hybrid Carrot
Organic Necoras F1 Hybrid Carrot
Organic Dragon Carrot
Organic Negovia F1 Hybrid Carrot
Organic Jeannette F1 Hybrid Carrot
Organic Miami F1 Carrot

Organic Picolino F1 Hybrid Cucumber
Organic H19 Little Leaf Cucumber

Organic PMR Delicious 51 Cantaloupe
Organic Rocky Ford Melon
Organic Hale’s Best Muskmelon
Organic Arava F1 Hybrid Melon
Organic Emerald Gem Melon
Organic Haogen Melon
Organic Magnifienza F1 Hybrid Cantaloupe

Organic Laxton’s Progress #9 Pea
Organic Sugar Daddy Snap Pea
Organic Dwarf Grey Sugar Snow Pea
Organic Cascadia Snap Pea
Organic Sugar Ann Snap Pea
Organic Mammoth Melting Snow Pea

Organic Baby Pam Pie Pumpkin
Organic New England Pie Pumpkin
Organic Jack Be Little Pumpkin
Organic Kakai Hulless Pumpkin
Organic Black Futsu Pumpkin
Organic Jack Straw Pumpkin

Organic Midnight Lightning Zucchini
Organic Dunja F1 Hybrid Zucchini
Organic Success PM Yellow Straightneck Summer Squash

Organic Roma VF Tomato
Organic Mountain Princess Tomato
Organic Rutgers Tomato
Organic Sunkist F1 Hybrid Tomato
Organic Medford Tomato
Organic Gold Nugget Tomato
Organic Bellstar Tomato
Organic Green Tiger Tomato
Organic Pink Tiger Tomato
Organic Blush Tomato
Organic Indigo Apple Tomato
Organic Pink Bumblebee Tomato
Organic Purple Bumblebee Tomato
Organic Indigo Cherry Drop Tomato

Winter Squash
Organic Sweet REBA Acorn Squash
Organic Delicata Winter Squash
Organic Sugar Dumpling F1 Hybrid Squash
Organic Orange Summer F1 Squash
Organic Tiana F1 Hybrid Butternut Squash
Organic Sugarbush F1 Acorn Squash
Organic Bush Delicata Winter Squash

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