Photos from the 2015 Demonstration Balcony Garden Project!


PHASE ONE: DESIGN (December 2014)

Original design by Sheena Swirlz

(January 2015)
Volunteers hard at work!
The frame is built from cedar and treated with linseed oil!

PHASE THREE: Research, finalizing designs and materials (February)

 PHASE FOUR: Creation of Recycled Growing Systems
(March, April)
Recycled teapot railing planters
Completed hanging upside-down planters
Prototype 1 for a mini-herb spiral
Prototype 2 for a mini herb spiral
Removing boards to create a vertical pallet garden.
unnamed (4)
Finishing the gutter garden


Building the Potato Tower.

PHASE FIVE: Completed Balcony Launch Party! (April 22nd, 5-7)

We are excited to announce the initial completion of our demonstration balcony garden in the Concordia Greenhouse Atrium this April!
Our coordinator and volunteers have been working since December to build a fake balcony and fill it with inspiring recycled growing systems. We have also offered an empowering workshop series.
We are celebrating our completed design and we hope you`ll join us! We will be serving drinks and snacks.
Celebrate this Earth Day by getting inspired to grow your own food!SCHEDULE:
5-5:30 – Presentation on The Balcony Garden Project
5:30-6:30 – Mini workshop on Balcony Gardening
6:30 – Explore the balcony garden and ask garden questions!

PHASE SIX: SUMMER PLANT CARE (Volunteer Sessions Wednesdays 5-6pm)
We need a couple of volunteers to come and help take care of our balcony garden plants. Includes independent research, group designing and planting, harvesting and nurturing.

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Our mission is to provide a welcoming, organic green space that fosters community by providing experiential learning opportunities within a year-round growing environment.

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