Vertical Gardening


As more and more people turn to growing some of their own fresh foods there is a growing trend to think more creatively with innovative small space gardening. We’re seeing a real positive movement towards growing up instead of out, as well as more use of recycled materials in creating growing systems.

What does a vertical gardening system look like?

Check out our demonstration balcony garden for some examples of recycled vertical growing systems.

Some examples includes: Potato towers, gutter gardens, herb spirals, upside-down planters, growing towers, window farms, plant pockets, pallet garden and so much more!

Some Advantages to Vertical Gardening:

  • Space saving.
  • Fewer weeds.
  • Can be moved.
  • Less issues with insects and soil-borne diseases with better air circulation around the foliage.
  • Monitoring and controlling pests is easier because they’re right in front of your face.
  • Harvesting is easier, as there’s no stooping or hunching over.
  • No more waste due to overripe fruits that are hidden under lush growth..
  • Vertical gardens increase accessibility for gardeners with accessibility needs because they can tend and pick from a chair or garden seat.

Some Disadvantages to be aware of:

  • Less moisture retention, needing more regular watering
  • Need for water collection from planter run off
  • Lower production than in-ground plants
  • Heavy weight on balcony – check in with your landlord!

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