HydroFlora is a working-group of the Concordia Food Coalition (CFC). We are a visiting project within the Concordia Greenhouse. Our main goal is to educate the community on hydroponic practices and to promote urban agriculture.

We believe investing in alternative agriculture practices is a crucial step towards sustainable urban living. By spreading awareness about hydroponic practices and its benefits, we hope to shed more light on this underdeveloped sector.

Our latest workshop was during the Transitions conference at Concordia in early February. We gave participants a short introduction into hydroponics before we let them customize, assemble and seed their own hydroponic setups.

HydroFlora also offers consulting services. We work closely together with our clients to cater our designs towards their specific needs.

Our core team is made up of students and graduates from a highly diversified ethnic and educational background.

We encourage anyone interested in soil-less growing to become involved with HydroFlora. Whether you want to install a hydroponic system at home or get your own research project off the ground, we’re looking forward to providing the support you need!

If you want to contact HydroFlora you can visit us in the Concordia greenhouse, follow us on Facebook at HydroFlora Concordia or write us directly via hydrofloraconcordia@gmail.com.


Our mission is to provide a welcoming, organic green space that fosters community by providing experiential learning opportunities within a year-round growing environment.

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