Let’s Grow Great Food!

Dear Greenhouse Community, 

The 2012 growing season has started! The Greenhouse Collective invites you to help us grow healthy, strong seedlings that are free from pests. Indeed, we need your help to usher in a horticulturally recommended cleanliness in the Greenhouse. We want to do this to protect our plants from harmful diseases and insects, so that we have higher yields this summer. 

The Atrium Tea Garden continues to be open to the public as a beautiful location for cultural & educational events. The rest of the greenhouse space is now concentrated on growing plants and new hygiene practices will be in place. The greenhouse remains accessible to the public — only now, we encourage participation to take the form of starting, assisting and maintaing healthy plant growth. 

As Silvia Federici noted at Study in Action this past weekend, urban gardens are indispensable if we are to regain control over our food production, regenerate our environment and provide for our subsistence. With this space entrusted to us, we as a community have such a great opportunity: let’s continue to genuinely address issues of food security and urban sustainability by growing food & sharing knowledge about growing food.


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