Join Our Board of Directors! AGM 2016!

The Concordia Greenhouse is hosting our Annual General Meeting on Monday, November 7th, 2016. Our event features live music, fresh free food, homegrown tea and an exciting report of our year of events and projects! Join us to eat, and vote in our new board of directors. Enter the door prize contest for a chance to win some of our goodies!

We are looking for new board members to join our team! Apply here!

What does the Board of Directors do?
Being a member of the Board of Directors (BoD) is an excellent way to be more involved in the shaping of the Greenhouse activities and gain valuable experience working and collaborating within a non-profit organization!
It means you will be responsible for working with the other board members and the collective to make some high-level decisions about finances, governance, policy and future projects. Board members help guide and maintain the vision of the organization by supporting staff members while they fulfill the day to day operations and providing structure and perspective to the larger function.

What’s required of you as a board member? 
Time commitments can vary, and are mostly dependent on events and your own personal capacity.
The initial orientation phase requires all new board members to attend a 8 hour Integration session (to be held in January at the beginning of your term).
In general otherwise, you can expect to contribute between 5 and 10 hours per month on basic Board member duties.
There always more opportunities to contribute in the form of outreach, volunteering, special projects and committees to further benefit the Greenhouse, as well!

“What is the process of becoming a Concordia Greenhouse Board member?
1. Individuals contact the Concordia Greenhouse before the deadline and submit their application along with any questions you may have. [See below]
2. It will be posted on the Concordia Greenhouse website and attached to the newsletter. Please make sure your statement contains only information that you are comfortable to share publicly.
3. The current Concordia Greenhouse board members will review the applications, and will contact you to confirm your candidacy and invite you to speak at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), and at that time answer questions you may have about your potential involvement.
4. Successful candidates must attend the Concordia Greenhouse’s AGM , where they will be asked to briefly present themselves in 1 minute or less.
5. The Concordia Greenhouse’s membership elects new board members at the AGM.

Please download and complete our 2016 Board of Directors Application, and send it to




Come check out our annual house plant sale on October 11th hosted at the greenhouse! We will be selling a variety of house plant species so get there early to make sure you grab your favorites! Some of the plant types we are offering will be:

Cuban Oregano

Lemon Geranium

Kalanchoe (Mother-of-thousands)

Chlorophytum (Spider plant)

Sansevieria (Snakeskin plant)

Sansevieria Cylindrica (cylindrical snake plant)

Prickly pear cactus

Jade plant & other succulents

Baby’s tears

Crown of thorns cactus

Arrowleaf philodendon

Fiddleleaf fig

Lemon tree seedlings

Moses in the cradle (tradescantia spathacea)

Purple heart

Aloe plant


Banana bush

…and many more!



Volunteer Sessions are BACK!


Whether you’ve got years of experience under your belt or are simply curious and want to try getting your hands dirty, everyone is welcome to volunteer at the Concordia Greenhouse.

Our weekly volunteer sessions are casual, drop-in session – no need to RSVP.                       No experience required. Everyone welcome.



Mondays, 1 – 3pm

Get involved with Four Seasons weekly edible plant care, guided by our experienced coordinator Andrew.



Tuesdays, 10am – 12pm12299299_522660551249108_4438256453665323760_n

Tasks include: Learning about the propagation, maintenance and care of our house plant collection, as well as assisting in keeping the Atrium plants healthy with coordinator Paul.

PLUS – Read about even more ways to get involved!




The fall semester is here and we are re-opening!

September 6th we open our doors and welcome you back into our space! We are so excited to see you all again and welcome you back into our rooftop oasis on weekdays from 11am-5pm!

The Concordia Greenhouse is a great place to study, eat lunch, socialize, learn about plants and sustainability, and get your hands dirty with our weekly volunteer session!

A bientot!


Greenhouse Internships



The Concordia Greenhouse is looking for a Concordia student intern in the Communications or Sustainability minor program for an intern-ship starting this September.

Tasks include:
-Publication of weekly newsletter
-Graphic design: Signs, posters, brochures
-Social media
-Outreach such as tabling at information kiosks on and off campus
-Assist with social events
-Special projects

Required time: 8-10 hours weekly (120 hours total, beginning September 6th – ending December 6th.)

Available for credit through COMS394 or LOYC 420



City Farm School Market Stand!


Our unique City Farm School market stand is now open to the public!

City Farm School is an innovative project from the Concordia Greenhouse. This city farm, hosted on the Loyola campus of Concordia acts as a inspiring demonstration site, offers internships to teach people urban farming and medicinal herbal skills as well as growing ecologically-grown food, available at great prices right in Note-Dame-de-Grace!

Come and visit our urban farm, Tuesdays between 5-7pm and pick up some locally-grown and in-season produce and herbs!






City Farm School Market Stand and Greenhouse Workshop Caravan!

City Farm School Summer Market Stand!


We are so excited to announce the first market stand of the year at our summer project City Farm School at Concordia`s Loyola campus in NDG!

The first chance to buy our locally and ecologically grown food will be next Tuesday, June 21st from 5-7pm.

Come and visit our urban farm visit where you can purchase some seasonal items! Hope to see you there.

Concordia Greenhouse 

Summer Workshop Caravan!


 Cultivons Le Plateau Urban Agriculture Fair

Info table on our projects and Eating Ethically Within Your Means – FREE

Saturday, May 28th, 10am – 4pm  

Verdun Urban Agriculture Fair

Sprouting Workshop – FREE

Saturday, June 4th, 4pm

Westmount Public Library Garden Talks

Balcony Gardening Workshop – $5 Suggested donation

Wednesday, June 8th, 5-7pm

Neighbourhood on the Move Festival

Hanging Macramé Planters Workshop – FREE

Wednesday, July 6th and Tuesday, July 12th, 3-5pm

World Social Forum

Eating Ethically within Your Means Workshop – FREE with Entry

Wednesday, August 9th

More to be announced!

Our mission is to provide a welcoming, organic green space that fosters community by providing experiential learning opportunities within a year-round growing environment.