Governence and Fee Levy Info

Fee Levy Info

The Concordia Greenhouse is committed to providing our members access to key documents regarding our status as a non-profit organization and as a fee levy association on the Concordia campus.

The Concordia Greenhouse is collectively run organization that seeks to provide a safe space for group decision-making, with a foundation in anti-oppression. The greenhouse provides an environment for workshops, film screenings, research projects and community events, and is a springboard for spreading innovative solutions through popular education initiatives. The Concordia Greenhouse currently collects $0.12 cents per undergraduate student per credit annually. With your help, we will be able to accomplish more projects and make changes faster.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about the information or documents below.

Fee Levy Refunds

Should you wish to opt out of our fee levy our opt out period is the week following the last day for academic withdrawal and will be posted on our website and newsletter each semester.

In order to opt-out, please come to our office during the opt out period. We are located on the 13th floor of the Hall building at 1455 de Maisonneuve West, during our office hours (Mon – Fri 11am – 5pm January 23rd – February 3rd) with your student ID card and student account record during the opt-out period and we’ll provide you with a refund.  Refunds will be provided in cash at the fee levy rate of $0.12 per credit/per semester (for undergrads.) You can provide your student record in different ways: by showing your academic record via your own laptop or mobile phone; by logging onto to your myconcordia portal from a computer at our office; or by providing a printout of your record.

We can provide access to those with reduced mobility if you contact us to make an appointment. Email or call 514-848-2424 x. 5134.


Greenhouse Constitution

 Annual Report

2013-2014 Concordia Greenhouse Annual Report

2014-2015 Concordia Greenhouse Annual Report

2015-2016 Concordia Greenhouse Annual Report

Financial Statement

Annual Financial Report

 Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes

2013 AGM Minutes

2014 AGM Minutes

2015 AGM Minutes

2016 AGM Minutes

Board of Directors

Our current board of directors was elected November 2016, and is comprised of both Concordia student members and community members.

Concordia Greenhouse Board of Directors:

Concordia Undergraduate Students

Myrah Graham

Leah Peck

Cedric Yargeau

Shanara Eisan

Emmerika Alexander

Community Members

Prisca Ayassamy

Stephanie Zahara

Melina Cucciniello

Ina Kaplan

Contact us: The board of directors can be contacted directly at:

Conflict Resolution, Complaints and Grievance

Your concerns are important to us. Should you wish to file an internal grievance complaint, please contact us at:

Registration Number: NEQ #1169015014  – Projet de Serre Concordia

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