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Want to start a project in the Greenhouse? 


There are several ways in which individuals or groups can work within the Greenhouse space, according to their project idea, requirements and needs. There is also a Board Discretionary Funding budget for projects that are looking for capital.

Visiting projects are usually small-scale, experimental projects that may run from several weeks to an entire school year. These projects run independently of the Greenhouse’s regular operations and an official request must be submitted to the Greenhouse Collective in order for the project to continue for longer than one school year. Furthermore, visiting projects can (and should) try to incorporate learning and volunteer opportunities for Greenhouse members. Visiting project groups can be comprised of both students and community members, with at least one current student per project. We encourage all projects to consider the Concordia Greenhouse mission and vision, including issues related to sustainability, urban agriculture, innovative ecological practices, educational models and Concordia community involvement.

Each visiting project must have an appointed representative who will act as a main contact for the project. Projects must submit a summary report of the project no later than one month following the completion of their project, or by October 1st of each year for ongoing/long-term projects. Visiting projects do not share the Concordia Greenhouse budget, although they may request resources (financial or otherwise). Funding and fundraising needs must be clearly outlined in the project application, and will be assessed on a by-needs basis, according to the Greenhouse’s financial timeline. Please note that the Concordia Greenhouse sets its yearly budget in August, and a review and update is completed in January.

Concordia Greenhouse Projects are internally run and fully integrated into the Greenhouse’s general operations and re-occur yearly. It is possible for a visiting project that is deemed to be successful and beneficial to the Concordia Greenhouse and its community to become a Concordia Greenhouse Project. If this were the case, staff members paid by the Concordia Greenhouse may be asked to join the Collective in order to take part in discussions and decisions to do with general Greenhouse operations in relation to the organization and the project. This decision would be made by the Collective and Board of Directors, following a request from a visiting project to be considered a Greenhouse Project.

Although each project has its own organizational structure, the Concordia Greenhouse Constitution acts as a set of common guidelines and ethics for their organizational development and interpersonal relationships within the Greenhouse, and the community at large. All projects must adhere to Concordia Greenhouse hygiene and cleanup regulations. No chemical pesticides or fertilizers are permitted in the Greenhouse, however some exceptions can be negotiated with Greenhouse staff. Finally, all projects must mention the Concordia Greenhouse as a supporter and host site for the project’s implementation.

Applications for Visiting Project are accepted on an ongoing basis, year-round. Completed applications can be submitted to the Greenhouse Collective in writing (Concordia Greenhouse office, 1455 de Maisonneuve W., H3G 1M8, 13th floor), or by email at Once proposals are submitted, the Collective will review the application at their next meeting (held every two weeks). Projects will be assessed according to the Concordia Greenhouse’s current resources, including factors such as:

● Space restrictions
● Financial feasibility
● Use of appropriate, non-toxic soil and plant amendments (fertilizers and pest control)
● Adequate human resources/participants to run the project
● Project timeline (several week commitment vs.year-long)
● Relevance to the Concordia Greenhouse’s mission and vision
● Relevance to current environmental and sustainable issues

Following the application review, the project representative will then be contacted within one month of the project submission. Applicants are welcome to request a meeting with a Collective member representative in order to discuss the application and the Collective’s decision. If the project is accepted, the project leader will be be invited to discuss the project in more detail with a Collective member prior to launching the project, and an contract must be signed by all parties.

Applications for Board Discretionary funding are accepted throughout the year, but are reviewed on a quarterly basis. The Board will disperse a percentage of their fund at these reviews and projects can apply for up to 250$ per quarter.

Completed applications can be submitted to the Greenhouse Collective in writing (Concordia Greenhouse office, 1455 de Maisonneuve W., H3G 1M8, 13th floor), or by email at

Download a PDF of the 2018-2019 Visiting Project Application



Our mission is to provide a welcoming, organic green space that fosters community by providing experiential learning opportunities within a year-round growing environment.

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