The Concordia Greenhouse Project is a collectively run, consensus-based, non-profit organization. It uses the Henry H. Hall Building rooftop greenhouse as an all-organic space geared towards community, education and sustainable horticulture. The Greenhouse is a year-round green space that hosts workshops, projects and events raising awareness around food issues and alternatives to mainstream consumerism.

We aspire to strengthen the urban agriculture movement at Concordia University and in Montreal by growing local produce using ecological practices, providing experiential learning opportunities through volunteering, internships and jobs, and networking with other like-minded individuals and organizations.

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Concordia Greenhouse
1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W., 13th floor
Montreal, QC H3G 1M8
(514) 848-2424 x 5134                                                 info@concordiagreenhouse.com

To get there, take the elevators (located in the back right corner of the first floor) to the 12th floor, and then follow the Greenhouse signs to stairwell #1285 and take the stairs to the 13th floor.


Our mission is to provide a welcoming, organic green space that fosters community by providing experiential learning opportunities within a year-round growing environment.


Our vision is for locally empowered sustainable urban gardens at Concordia University and  beyond.


While rooftop green space and high-rise farming are popular ideas in urban sustainable design, Concordia’s greenhouse was actually part of the original planning and infrastructure of the Sir George William campus. The Greenhouse was built in 1966 when the Hall building was constructed, to be used by the biology department for experiments. The Greenhouse faces south-west for optimal sun exposure and isn’t blocked by the shade of any of the surrounding buildings, making it an ideal space for growing in the heart of downtown Montreal. In addition to the biology department’s research and education, part of the space was used by a horticulturalist to grow tropical plants for regular plant sales.

When the SGW and Loyola campuses merged in 1974, the sciences moved to Loyola and a new Greenhouse was built. Plans were made to tear the old greenhouse down, but interested students and faculty, as well as Sustainable Concordia, successfully petitioned to have the structure assessed and to commence a “rejuvenation” project in 2006. Two years later, during the 2007-2008 school year under the hard work of Arlene Throness, the re-vitalized Greenhouse atrium was opened to the public, and compartments began to be rented to groups interested in working on independent projects.

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