How can I get information on how to take care of or fix a problem with my plant?

Ask the experts at the incredible Montreal Botanical Gardens! Check out this super useful Horticultural Information Site!

Can I come by to buy a plant? When are your house plant sales?

UPDATING!  New content coming soon!

Can I rent plants from the Greenhouse for my event?

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Can I come by to buy vegetables or vegetable seedlings?

**Due to COVID-19 the greenhouse is closed to the public until further notice.   Please stay tuned to our Facebook page for information on how we will be distributing the seedlings this year! **

We have a big seedling sale every May with tons of varieties! Outside of this, we do not have seedlings available for sale.

You can buy vegetables at our City Farm School market stand in the summer. Check out our facebook page for the most recent updates!) from June until September!

Plus, we recommend Mums for sprouting seeds, and Richters for seeds and seedlings, which are both online stores.

I hear you have delicious ecologically-grown micro-greens? How can I buy some?

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Where can I buy seeds?

We strongly suggest to buy online at the following websites. Tournesol, Ecoumene , Mycofleur, Les Jardins Grand Portage, Societe des Plantes, High Mowing, William Dam

Do you sell vermi-composting worms and/or vermicomposting systems? If not, where can I find them?

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Where can I find affordable food in Montreal?

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  1. I would like to register for the course to learn to plant some plants , Can you tell me which website to register and when will be the admission?

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