How can I get information on how to take care of or fix a problem with my plant?

Ask the experts at the incredible Montreal Botanical Gardens! Check out this super useful Horticultural Information Site!

Can I come by to buy a plant? When are your house plant sales?

We have two house plant sales annually – One in the fall and another shortly after the new year. Stay posted for dates!

Otherwise, you can find house plants between our sales at Home Depot, Reno Depot or the Atwater or Jean-Talon market.

Can I rent plants from the Greenhouse for my event?

We do not offer plant rentals, sorry!

Can I come by to buy vegetables or vegetable seedlings?

We have a big seedling sale every May with tons of varieties! Outside of this, we do not have seedlings available for sale.

You can buy vegetables at our City Farm School market stand in the summer. Check out our facebook page for the most recent updates!) from June until September!

Plus, we recommend Mums for sprouting seeds, and Richters for seeds and seedlings, which are both online stores.

I hear you have delicious ecologically-grown micro-greens? How can I buy some?

You can buy a bag of our super fresh micro-greens often at Le Frigo Vert, which also sells varying Greenhouse grown produce on a weekly basis. Sign up for our weekly newsletter to find out what kinds of produce we are harvesting that week.  You can also  eat out at cafes such as The Hive and Cafe X to order them in your meal!

Where can I buy seeds?

We strongly suggest to buy online at the following websites. Tournesol, Ecoumene , Mycofleur, Les Jardins Grand Portage, Societe des Plantes, High Mowing, William Dam

Do you sell vermi-composting worms and/or vermicomposting systems? If not, where can I find them?

Sorry, but we are not currently selling worms or their systems!

Here are some places where you might be able to find some good stuff.

  • Noelia`s Vermicomposting WormsSelling healthy, happy red wigglers for vermicompost. These worms transform your food waste into rich, dark compost that you can use in the garden or use to make compost tea. Perfect for odorless, compact composting indoors or outdoors.

    To purchase worms and get more info about how to set up the perfect worm bin, please contact Noelia at noeliagee@gmail.com or514 585 6707.

    $20 per half pound.

    Rachel`s Vermicomposting Worms
    Composting worms help turning your organic waste into a great quality compost! They’re perfect for setting up a small compost inside apartments, or outside when the weather warms up. Perfect for urban gardeners.For composting worms grown domestically please contact rachel.jekanowski@concordia.ca with any questions or to purchase worms. $20 / 1 lb.

    Vermicomposting Community
    www.SpreadTheWorm.org is a growing social community of vermicomposters who give away their worms and help others get started for free. New members are also encouraged to do the same so that the network can meet the potential of doubling its size every few months! There is a vermy family tree and vermy calculator to track users progress.Worms and vermicompost kits are available now!

    For more information write to info@spreadtheworm.org.
    on : Claire Citeau – gestion.eqpm@saesem.org
  • Or try kijiji or craigslist for local worms for sale by individual.


Where can I find affordable food in Montreal?


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  1. I would like to register for the course to learn to plant some plants , Can you tell me which website to register and when will be the admission?

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