Community Projects

Coop les Jardins de la Résistance


Did you know that there is a summer CSA drop right next to the Hall building at Concordia!

Get fresh organic vegetables for 22 weeks from June to November.

We accomodate for up to 3 weeks of vacation.

Interested? Visit our website for more information at

Coop les Jardins de la Resistance is a cooperatively run organic vegetable farm located about an hour south west of Montreal.

Wilderness Camp


This year, we are offering our second annual immersive five-day long experience at the end of summer in the wilderness and the world of sustainable agriculture.

Student Design-Build Garden Pavilion Competition


As part of Canada’s 150th anniversary, Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) and Just Food invite students from across Canada to submit a design proposal for an outdoor pavilion for a new community garden in Ottawa, Ontario.

This project will enhance the quality of life in the neighbouring community and allow Canadians to explore the local-to-global connections around issues of food security and environmental sustainability. Growing our Community is funded by Ontario 150 and is part of Ottawa 2017’s community legacy project to install 20 new community gardens across the city for Canada’s 150 anniversary celebrations.

An event will be held on September 21, 2017, to celebrate the garden’s harvest and the winning pavilion design. The event will include artists, musicians, and youth speakers.

One design will be selected as winner of the Growing our Community design competition. The winning entry will have their design built at the Just Food Farm site, receive a $5,000 prize, and attend the celebration in Ottawa.

Deadline is May 21 


Would you like to see a Minor in Food Studies offered at Concordia University?

unnamed (1).jpg

Many students have already told us that they would warmly welcome an undergraduate program in which they could explore sustainable, historical, cultural, marketing, design, mindful, nutritional, religious, literary, scientific, anthropological, geographical (and other!) aspects of food systems and networks.

Help us work toward that end! Have a look at our website,, to see which departments have offered food-related courses during the current academic year. A Minor in Food Studies would make it easier for you to find courses that you can take in this exciting field. In addition, once you completed your degree, your transcript would reflect this concentration—which might come in very handy for future career or graduate school paths. The Minor, too, would serve as a compelling generator of future food studies initiatives—lectures, workshops, etc.

Tell us you’d like to see a Food Studies Minor undergraduate program offered at Concordia—and we will do our best to make it happen.



2090 Rue Mackay

The Dish Project provides a sustainable alternative to disposables – reserve our reusable dishes for events, meetings, and other gatherings.


Compost Montreal

Founded in 2007, Compost Montréal is a social-purpose business that provides organic waste collection service and support to residents, businesses and institutions on the Island of Montréal. As a partner in the City of Montréal’s strategic plan for sustainable development, Compost Montréal works to restore a healthy local food system by ‘closing the loop’ – re-connecting organic waste management to the growing of new food.

Visit their website for more information about composting services.

Vermicomposting Worms

compost worms

Noelia`s Vermicomposting Worms

Selling healthy, happy red wigglers for vermicompost. These worms transform your food waste into rich, dark compost that you can use in the garden or use to make compost tea. Perfect for odorless, compact composting indoors or outdoors.

To purchase worms and get more info about how to set up the perfect worm bin, please contact Noelia at or 514 585 6707.

$20 per half pound.

Rachel`s Vermicomposting Worms
Composting worms help turning your organic waste into a great quality compost! They’re perfect for setting up a small compost inside apartments, or outside when the weather warms up. Perfect for urban gardeners.For composting worms grown domestically please contact with any questions or to purchase worms. $20 / 1 lb.

Vermicomposting Community is a growing social community of vermicomposters who give away their worms and help others get started for free. New members are also encouraged to do the same so that the network can meet the potential of doubling its size every few months! There is a vermy family tree and vermy calculator to track users progress.Worms and vermicompost kits are available now!

For more information write to
on : Claire Citeau –

Our mission is to provide a welcoming, organic green space that fosters community by providing experiential learning opportunities within a year-round growing environment.