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Concordia University Fee Levy Groups Orientation!



Don’t BUY That! – Check CUCCR first

All September
Concordia University’s Centre for Creative Reuse – CUCCR
H013-7 1455 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O

Spread the word to check out CUCCR before you head to the store. Think about REUSE while setting up your apartment, getting your school supplies ready, and generally organizing your life. Come see what we have for FREE first!


Perennial Plant exchange: 14th edition


On Saturday, September 15th 2018 (12-2pm), the Éco-quartier NDG will host a perennial plant exchange in Somerled Park (at the Eco-quartier NDG in case of rain – 6575 Somerled, suite 206).

All Montreal residents are invited to bring a perennial in order to exchange it with one from the bank. It is a great opportunity to increase your garden’s variety of perennials as well as meet other people who are passionate about gardening.

Perennial plants provide numerous benefits. In addition to the fact that they don’t have to be replanted every year (reduces transport, containers, etc), these plants often have deep, extensive root systems which can hold soil to prevent erosion. They also capture dissolved nitrogen before it can contaminate the ground and surface water, outcompete weeds (reducing the need for herbicides), and help to mitigate global warming by carbon sequestration.

The Éco-quartier NDG welcomes those looking to freshen up their gardens, as well as those simply looking for tips to get their gardens started.

Register now at or call (514) 486-2727.
Saturday, September 15th 2018 (12-2pm) in Somerled Park (at the Eco-quartier NDG in case of rain – 6575 Somerled, suite 206




Our mission is to provide a welcoming, organic green space that fosters community by providing experiential learning opportunities within a year-round growing environment.

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