Coming up at the Greenhouse!


We have some great events coming up this week, especially our first ever Zine Tea Party! We just added a Book and Zine Sale, some come by, check our titles and support the organization! See details below.

Just to let you know that the volunteer sessions for the four seasons microgreens project will be cancelled for the next 2 weeks (i.e. they will resume as of Thursday March 14th. )

And don`t forget to sign our petition to become a student-fee levy group this week!


Vert Ta Ville!
Vert ta Ville aims to build a network of urban agriculture organizations on the Montreal Island through skill sharing and resource trading. This spring, Vert ta Ville succeeded in producing over 8000 seedlings in Concordia’s roof-top greenhouse and is supplying more than 40 gardens throughout the city.  In return, these organizations have helped develop Eggplant Seedling for Seedling SaleConcordia’s first urban garden at the University’s downtown campus.  Each week, an expert from the field gives a workshop on urban gardening while volunteers, students, community members deepen their knowledge through caring for the seedlings and building the gardens.
We are now taking seedling orders for community organizations and large personal orders (minimum 100 plants.)
There is no better way to get your seedlings, than those produced naturally and locally in the Concordia Greenhouse this spring! We have many varieties to choose from!
Plus stayed tuned for our mega seedling sale in May! Contact us at for ordering information.


Help Save the Greenhouse!
The Greenhouse is applying to run for an undergraduate fee levy, a process whereby student groups on campus request a number of cents per credit that would go towards the project annually. With the goal of maintaining existing projects, expanding, and keeping the space accessible to students as a study space and volunteer opportunity, the Greenhouse requires 750 undergraduate signatures in order to put forward a fee levy proposal for vote by undergrads in March’s CSU elections!
Your Help is Needed!
Join us on Thursday at 12pm for a quick meeting in the greenhouse.  We are looking for volunteers to come petition!
Petitions will be available to sign at the Greenhouse (13th floor hall building) and Sustainable Concordia (2090 Mackay, 2nd floor), The People`s Potato and more!
Petitioning will continue as long as volunteers are available! Or if you have additional inquiries feel free to email

Bi-Weekly Reading Group – It’s Back!
Wednesday, February 27, 2013 4:00-6:30
The Tea AtriumGH reading group
It’s our pleasure to announce the return of the Concordia Greenhouse Reading Group!  Swing by every second Wednesday evening, beginning on February 27.  Sip tea and chill out with some like-minded people while discussing readings on food sovereignty, urban agriculture, food politics, environmental design and more.   Suggestions on topics of interest welcome! Subscribe to receive our

Zine Tea Party
Thursday, February 28th, 1pm – 5pm
The Tea Atrium
Join us for a zine tea party in the greenhouse!!
Zines are most commonly a small circulation self-published work of original and/or appropriated texts and images usually reproduced via photocopier. The zine community in Montreal is diverse and creative. Come and check out some indy press!
* Introduction on what zines are and how to make your own
* Radical Montreal Distro
* The Greenhouse Zine Library
* Readings from amazing local zinesters!534316_10151765906005366_1843079287_n
~Sheena Swirlz – Call Me Carla and Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine
~Kate Lavut – Chico
~Annie-Claude – Femme Toxic
* Launch of greenhouse mini info-zine
* 3 Types of Organic herbal tea
Bring your zine to show and read from, or to donate a copy to our zine library, especially on local issues, health, gardening and DIY!

Aquaponics Information Session
Monday, March 11th, 6pm
Aquaponics room – RSVP only
Aquaponics is the loving marriage between aquaculture, or fish farming, and hydroponics, growing plants in nutrient-rich water. Traditionally, these techniques require highly controlled and/or near-sterile environments. However, an aquaponics system is designed to be more like an ecosystem by including many forms of life, and yields both vegetables and animal protein. In simplest terms, the system is designed to encourage a mutualistic relationship between fish and plants, where fish waste is fertilizer, and plants aAquaponicsre water purifiers. The Concordia Greenhouse has hosted such a unique system since 2010, and in response to the fantastic expression of interest from the community we are hosting another information session on the subject Monday, March 11th at 6pm. We’ll go over the basic concepts of aquaponics, touching a bit on the biology and water chemistry involved. We’ll also review some major milestones and learnings from our own experience over the past 3 years.
Also, this is a great opportunity to network and potentially collaborate with others interested in the subject. For more details on our project please see
Please RSVP to to attend, and include your level of french comprehension please.


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