fbGREAT NEWS! We are so pleased to announce that we have been accepted to become a student fee levy group!! WE ARE SO EXCITED to receive such support from the student body! ♥
HUGE thanks to the Greenhouse Collective: Jackie, Stefanie, Johanna, Marcus, Sheena and to all the amazing people who volunteered their time to campaign and spread to word! Special thanks to Antonio Starnino for the incredible graphic design for our media campaign.

We will now have an annual budget, which will allows us to operate sustainably. This fee levy is going to make a huge difference in our ability to operate, as well as ensure we keep the space open with regular programming for the benefit of all.

We look forward continuing to see you, whether you are a student or a community member, in our tea atrium, at our workshops, on the city farm at Loyola, and all over campus!

Thank you everyone!

Sheena Swirlz
The Concordia Greenhouse Collective


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