This Week at the GREENHOUSE!



Monday, September 9th, 4pm – 7pm

School is back in session, and the greenhouse has opened it’s doors once again!

The Concordia Greenhouse is inviting everybody to attend our annual OPEN HOUSE! Come taste home grown teas and vegetables! Try your luck at winning a greenhouse sprouts tray with seeds included for your home growing!

Take a peek at our projects – Aquaponics, houseplant propagation, Microgreens and more. Meet with some members of our collective who will be available to answer your questions about our projects!

Find out how you can get involved, meet like minded individuals who care about sustainability, learn about our urban agriculture workshop series and hang out with tropical plants! Everybody welcome!

ART and Agriculture

This month greenhouse collective member Sheena Swirlz will be offering two workshops on combining your love of creativity and plants! Come get crafty during these 5a7 Social events!

Living Plant Necklaces

Wednesday, September 11th, 5-7photo

Create your own living necklace in the greenhouse! Make a tiny terrarium with moss and stones to wear around your neck. Easy and all ages. $5 for materials. Limit 15

Platonic Speed Dating

Thursday, September 12th, 5pm -7pm

Want to meet new people who appreciate plants? Come join our platonic speedy meeting activity during this 5a7 social!

This exercise consists of spending 5 minutes talking to a series of strangers. With the goal of breaking down social barriers, this community-building event allows participants to meet others randomly, regardless of age, race, sexuality and all those pesky ISMs that prevent us from talking to one another. Strangers seem a lot less strange and intimidating once you`ve spent 5 minutes talking to them.

This event is open to francophones, anglophones but not telephones.


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