January at the Greenhouse!

Hey folks!

We are officially back open for regular hours (Weekdays 11am – 5pm) starting today Monday, January 6th!


Coming up this month…..

Afternoon tours of the Greenhouse

Thursday, January 9th, 3 to 6 pm
Come up to the Greenhouse to enjoy some warm tea, discover the Atrium and Tea Kitchen, and join a guided tour of the Greenhouse!
Teas will be brewing all afternoon, and the fifteen minute tours will given be at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm.

Hot Topics in Urban Agriculture: DIY Fermentation!

Thursday, January 16th, 5 to 7 pm
20 ppl pre-register (concordiagreenhouseatrium@gmail.com)
Cost 5$ to 10$
Come to the Concordia Greenhouse and start fermenting! This workshop will give a brief overview of the history and practise of fermenting vegetables (e.g. sauerkraut) and give you the tools to go home and start fermenting your own veggies.
Rather than strictly following recipes, fermentation is an age-old art that involves working together with nature to preserve food, render it more digestible, and enhance flavour. Workshop facilitators will provide everything from jars to veggies, so you can kick-start your own project to take home with you!


Wednesday, January 22nd, 12- 7pm                                                                                                We hope you haven’t forgotten the magnificence of the plant kingdom in the middle of this cold and snowy winter. To make sure of that we’re having another houseplant sale Wednesday January 22nd from 12-7pm(or until supplies last). We have plants suited for sun or shade, large and small, and all eager for new home. Prices range from $1-20, and we will be providing discounts to undergraduate students. Don’t forget to bring your student ID!

Here is a list of some species we have to offer:

– aloes of all sizes (lots of them this time!)

– english ivy

– gollum jade

– heartleaf philodendron

– prickly pear cactus

– purple heart plant

– snake plant

– spider plant

– cuban oregano

– mother of thousands

– geranium

– papyrus

– mint

– silk pothos

If you have any questions please send them to concordiagreenhousecollective@gmail.com. To accommodate for the challenge of transportation due to the cold, purchased plants can be kept on reserve for more convenient pick-up until Friday, January 24th at the latest, and must be picked up during regular opening hours. **** Note: the earlier you come, the more selection you will have, some species (particularly the many more that are unlisted) are short in numbers. We hope to see you there!

DIY Kombucha

Thursday, January 30th, 5 to 7 pm
RISE Kombucha is offering a free information session and tasting at the Greenhouse. Participants will learn about the different stages of development of Kombucha and how it’s made, as well as get to taste the different flavors of Kombucha that RISE has to offer!        No pre-registration and free of cost

Volunteer with us!

Atrium Garden Volunteer Session

Sundays, 1pm – 3pm (no need to sign-up, just drop in!)

The tea atrium gardening sessions are both a great introduction to the basics of plant care, and a way to develop a keen eye for observation and response to the complex and fascinating secret lives of plants. Tasks include harvesting and processing herbs, refilling the herbal teas in the communal kitchen, pruning, pest control and fertilizing. Sessions might also include house plant propagation: pruning, rooting, potting, and re-potting an assortment of house plant species.


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