Concordia Greenhouse Summer internship

Tea Atrium Garden and houseplant propagation

LOYC 398C: Internship in sustainability

The Greenhouse is looking for an undergrad student interested in taking the Internship in Sustainability credit LOYC 398C with us (see for more information on the course). This position would assist in the greenhouse this summer with the tea atrium garden and houseplant propagations. The internship requires 120 hours to be completed from June 2nd – August 31st, and would consist of learning and applying some basic gardening tasks such as planting/transplanting, harvesting,fertilizing and pest control,as well as various methods of vegetative propagation, along with appropriate record-keeping. However, greenhouse in the summer is exceedingly hot, some tolerance of extreme heat is recommended.

If you are interested please contact Stefanie at byApril 30th, 2014



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