Epic Seedling Sale 2015 Update!


May 15th and 16th, 10am – 7pm (or as long as supplies last!)

Our epic seedling sale is coming up fast!
We will have over 140 varieties of heirloom veggie, herb and flower seedlings, all produced naturally and locally in the Concordia Greenhouse by our City Farm School Interns! Over 4, 000 flowers, veggies and herb seedlings will be priced at $1-5 and 150 house plants priced at $2-$30.

We will also have a variety of seeds for direct sowing available during the sale. We will also be selling some small bags of soil and compost and mushroom and sprout growing kits for indoors.
Available plants will be posted soon.

Plan to come early because we sell out quick!
Please bring bags, boxes, bins and friends to carry your plants home safely.

Email info@concordiagreenhouse.com for more information.
NEW THIS YEAR! Fruit and Permaculture Plants Now Available!

This year, Jonah Neumark will be selling plants at the Concordia Greenhouse Annual Seedling Sale. A new partner of the greenhouse, Jonah, has been involved with teaching City Farm School students and creating the food forest at Loyola for several years. Last year, he started his own permaculture landscaping and nursery business, Neumark Design. The list of plants he will have available below. If you would like to reserve specific plants or place a larger order please contact him at neumarkdesign@gmail.com or by phone at 514-269-2758. Otherwise just show up at the sale. Prices vary based on plant type and size. Please visit his website for more details – neumarkdesign.com

Neumark Design Plant List Spring 2015


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