We re-open on Sept. 3rd! And the Fall 2019 Fee Levy opt-out period runs from Sept. 17th – Sept. 30th

The Concordia Greenhouse re-opens its doors this September 3rd, our atrium space and herbal tea kitchenette is accessible to students and the public from 11am-5pm, Monday-Friday during the academic year between September 3, 2019 – April 9, 2020.

The greenhouse will be hosting an opt-out period from Tuesday, September 17th to Monday, September 30th, along with other Fee Levy groups on campus.

To find out more why Fee Levy groups exist at Concordia, please visit: http://concordiacommunity.org/

How to opt-out: You can opt-out at the greenhouse during the week between 11am-5pm by appointment by contacting Andrea Reichert at concordiagreenhousefinances@gmail.com, or Paul Fournier at houseplants@concordiagreenhouse.com to make an appointment during the period of Sept. 17th-Sept. 30th inclusively. Please note, availabilities for appointments are limited, so email least 3 days in advance of your requested visit. If the appointment is a no-show by the person requesting the opt-out, another appointment will not be prioritized for that person. For the Concordia Greenhouse, the Undergraduate Fee Levy paid by undergraduate students is 0.24$/credit. You must bring your student ID card and student account record (you can show your up-to-date number of credits on your myconcordia.ca account via your laptop or mobile device; by using a computer on-site at the fee levy group; or, if you wish, by print out).

While all of the fee levy groups are working to ensure that students wishing to opt-out may do so, fee levy group staff and volunteers will not tolerate disrespectful treatment from students who are opting-out. This includes, but is not limited to, racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, and classist, or aggressive or inappropriate behaviour or comments and actions at any time, and they will be asked to leave the premises.

Members of the greenhouse hope that we can all collaborate together to make Concordia more accessible, and the greenhouse has been working to get its major renovations to make it a safe, functional and truly accessible space for years to come, and truly hopes that students, professors, staff and the public will support us in our efforts to become a more inclusive and accessible, research-focused and publicly-relevant space.

The Common OptOut Events (with many fee-levy groups present at once in one location) will be on Wednesday September 18th downtown on the SGW campus, and Thursday September 26th at Loyola campus. Further details on times and locations will be posted on the concordiacommunity.org website.


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