Houseplants Sale 2023!

We’ve rebooted our house plants sales with our first fundraiser since COVID! Come pick up some plants to help with the winter blues and green up your space! The House Plant Propagation Project aims to provide affordable plants to the Concordia community and beyond, while teaching volunteers about the many aspects of propagation and plant care. Prices range between $4-$20 at most, and some species are in limited supply.

**We do not supply bags so please bring one! However we can help wrap your plant(s) in paper to help keep them safe from the cold.**

Species List 

Cuban oregano (Coleus amboinicus)
Ficus benjamina
Prickly pear cactus (Opuntia)
Variegated prickly pear cactus
African milk tree (Euphorbia trigona)
Basket plant (Calissia fragrans)
Crown of thorns (Euphorbia milii)
Mother of thousands (Kalanchoe daigremontiana)
Pencil cactus (Euphorbia tirucalli)
Philodendron “green emerald”
Zombie fingers (Euphorbia platyclada)
Jade plant (Crassula ovata)
Pilea peperomioides
Aloe plant
Climbing aloe plant
Aloe “coral fire”
Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum)
Sansevieria “whale fin” (Sansevieria/Dracaena masoniana)
Sansevieria “starfish” (Sansevieria/Dracaena cylindrica)

Meet Our Vendors!

Co-op CultivAction, a working group of the Greenhouse and a pivotal organization in the urban agriculture movement at Concordia will have a table and some interesting stuff to sell like microgreens (grown locally right here at the greenhouse!), microgreen growing kits so you can start your own at home, potted herbs, herbal teas, and some house plants as well!

Microgreens ($5/ 100g)

Microgreens Kits ($6 – $15)

HydroFlora, a working group of the Concordia Greenhouse, will also be selling lush plants perfect for improving the aesthetic of offices and reception areas. Their new café will be open and selling ethically sourced & locally roasted coffee!

We look forward to seeing all of you, talking about houseplants and their care, and restarting the tradition of houseplant propagation here at the Greenhouse!

**CASH ONLY for Concordia Greenhouse plants.**
**CARDS PREFERRED for HydroFlora plants & coffee.**


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