Coming up at the Greenhouse!


If you`ve ever enjoyed the greenhouse, or have wanted to volunteer to learn more, and help out NOW IS THE TIME! For the next two weeks, we have a lot of fun and interesting volunteer tasks, so please contact us at or just come by during our opening hours for volunteering options!


Check out the new youtube channel we made for all our sweet videos!



Seed Bomb Workshop
Monday, March 11th, 12pm – 2pm
Learn how to make your own seed bombs? Equipped with everything needed to start a plant, form these clay balls in easily tossed seed machines. Great for abandoned lots and anywhere with a little soil and light really!

Volunteer Training Sessions
Monday, March 11th, 3:30pm, Tuesday, March 12th, 11am and 2pm and Monday, March 18th at 1:0pm
WE NEED YOUR HELP! Ever wanted to volunteer for the greenhouse? Now is this time! Come by one of our volunteer training sessions MONDAY, March 11th 3:30, TUESDAY, March 12th at 11am or 2pm, and MONDAY the 18th at 1:30. Even if you can`t make those times, please stop by this week and speak with our collective members about fun and interesting ways you can help out!

POSTERING volunteer event
Monday, March 11th, 8:30pm                                                                                            Join us to put posters up to let everyone know what we`re bringing to the university! Meet us in the Greenhouse and we’ll break out into groups to poster the school!

Aquaponics Information Session
Monday, March 11th at 6pm
Aquaponics is the loving marriage between aquaculture, or fish farming, and hydroponics, growing plants in nutrient-rich water. Traditionally, these techniques require highly controlled and/or near-sterile environments. However, an aquaponics system is designed to be more like an ecosystem by including many forms of life, and yields both vegetables and animal protein. In simplest terms, the system is designed to encourage a mutualistic relationship between fish and plants, where fish waste is fertilizer, and plants are water purifiers. The Concordia Greenhouse has hosted such a unique system since 2010, and in response to the fantastic expression of interest from the community we are hosting another
information session on the subject
Also, this is a great opportunity to network and potentially collaborate with others interested in the subject. For more details on our project please see
Please RSVP to to attend, and include your level of french comprehension please.

Tabling on the Mezzanine
Monday, March 11th, 1pm – 3pm
Tuesday, March 12th, 10am – 3pm
Ever wanted to know more about the greenhouse up on the 13th floor, but at the convenience of the mezzanine level? Well, stop by for lots of info and free samples! We`ll be here two days where you can learn all about our projects and resources.

Seed Starting Workshop
Tuesday, March 19th, 1pm
Learn how to start your own seeds this spring! It`s so easy with the right information. Free.

Micro-Greens Info and Volunteer Sessions
Thursday, March 14th and March 21st, 3pm – 5pm
In the greenhouse we grow our own local edibles! Come to these unique micro-greens info session where you can see how a greenhouse works, learn about best practices for home grown sprouts, PLUS those interested in volunteering will have the opportunity for hands-on practice!

Atrium Info and Volunteer Sessions
Friday, March 15th and Friday March 22nd, 1pm – 3pm
Our beautiful social space, The Tea Atrium, is a soothing oasis of fresh air, green plants of all sorts, as well as lots of locally grown edibles. Learn about our variety of demonstration beds, housing everything from tea to cacti to strawberries! Participants will have the option to help out with our weekly tasks to learn more about how our space functions. Plus, grab a free cup of tea grown right in the atrium!

Tours of the Concordia Greenhouse
Daily from March 11th – March 22nd, 3:30pm
Ever wanted to know about what projects we`re working on in the greenhouse? Come check out our Microgreens operations, Aquaponics room, Tea Atrium, Green lending libary and so much more!

Crafternoon – Eco-Fibers Workshop
Monday, March 18th, 2pm – 4pm
This workshop will explore patching techniques as a way to individualise, reclaim and reduce the environmental impact of fashion and fibres.
Bring your own garment!
This workshop is offered by la Fabrique éthique de Montréal, a social entreprise that aims to reduce overconsumption of fashion by reviving traditional skills and by promoting the production of eco apparel and accessories in Montreal.

Screening in the Greenhouse!
Thursday the 14th, Movie starts at 6pm
We are presenting Food Inc., “An unflattering look inside America’s corporate controlled food industry.” Movie is 1.5 hours.
Trailer :
Free admission! Free popcorn, hot chocolate and tea!

EQUINOX Concert!

Thursday, March 21st from 7-11pm                                                                              What better way to celebrate the glory and uniqueness of the Concordia Greenhouse than by lighting candles and listening to music under the evening sky, surrounded by plants and good people? This semester the atrium team is throwing a pay-what-you-can, no-one turned away concert to raise a few bucks for the tea atrium space and its garden. We’d love to see you for merriment Thursday, March 21st from 7-11pm, with a wonderful line-up of musicians that will be playing from 8-10pm. Check out the descriptions of our guests, and hope to see you there.
Tanya Semple, AKA Elder Sister Plum:
Kate and Filip: (this is Kate)
Michael Freeman:

MEGA Seedling Sale
May, exact date TBA
Hey growers!
It`s almost time to get your summer seedlings. Stay tuned for an amazing heirloom plant list which will be posted on our blog next week!


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