UPDATES! Volunteers Needed and Facebook Profile

Due to a facebook programming error, our Facebook is temporarily offline!

We may have to make a new page, so stay tuned for updates! Thanks for your patience!


We could use your help!

We are very excited about our upcoming Halloween Fundraiser party in the greenhouse on Thursday, October 31st (7-10pm,) and we need your help!
We really need people to help out with Set-up, clean-up and especially folks who can work
the entrance!
Please email us to help out!

We need to clean our soil! Got a free hour or two? Stop by and lend a hand! Training sessions 1-7 Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, then drop in anytime.

1.sift through soil using a screen to remove rocks while also seperating old newspaper and other random objects
2. microwave soil in batches to pasteurize (about 2minutes a batch)
3. place pasteurized soil in decontaminated soil bed
4. help me with other tasks such as installing lights or moving things around

Email bradsnow.snow@gmail.com

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