Fall Internship at the Greenhouse!!


LOYC 398C: Internship in Sustainability:
Greenhouse Production Assistant

The Greenhouse is looking for an undergrad student interested in taking the Internship in Sustainability credit LOYC 398C with us this fall!

http://loyc.concordia.ca/undergraduatestudies/listofcourses/ for more information on the course. 

This position would assist with plant production in the greenhouse. The internship requires 120 hours to be completed between Sept 8th-Dec 5th, and includes assistance with planting, harvesting, pest control, propagation and fertilizing, using organic and natural practices. If you are interested please send your CV and cover letter to Stefanie at concordiagreenhousecollective @gmail.com by August 29th 2014.

Must be eligible for the course. Geography internships also accepted


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