Come check out our annual house plant sale on October 11th hosted at the greenhouse! We will be selling a variety of house plant species so get there early to make sure you grab your favorites! Some of the plant types we are offering will be:

Cuban Oregano

Lemon Geranium

Kalanchoe (Mother-of-thousands)

Chlorophytum (Spider plant)

Sansevieria (Snakeskin plant)

Sansevieria Cylindrica (cylindrical snake plant)

Prickly pear cactus

Jade plant & other succulents

Baby’s tears

Crown of thorns cactus

Arrowleaf philodendon

Fiddleleaf fig

Lemon tree seedlings

Moses in the cradle (tradescantia spathacea)

Purple heart

Aloe plant


Banana bush

…and many more!



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