Join Our Board of Directors! AGM 2016!

The Concordia Greenhouse is hosting our Annual General Meeting on Monday, November 7th, 2016. Our event features live music, fresh free food, homegrown tea and an exciting report of our year of events and projects! Join us to eat, and vote in our new board of directors. Enter the door prize contest for a chance to win some of our goodies!

This year`s board of directors applicants:

Cedric Yargeau

My name is Cedric and I am a 27 year old undergraduate student studying in Human Environment & Urban Studies. I am new to Montreal and have moved here from Quebec City, thus, I am a relatively fresh mind in this big city. I have however been volunteering at the Concordia Greenhouse and have become quite fond of it. In terms of relevant skills that I offer I would say that my innovative and creative mind along with my critical thinking are among the more relevant. In addition, I am very productive, and manage my time very efficiently when taking on projects. I am bilingual in French and English.  My involvement in cegep has shown me that I have a natural talent for project management and time management which leads me to greatly desire joining the board of directors to further develop these skills.

Shanara Eisan

My name is Shanara Eisan and I am an undergraduate student at Concordia and I consider myself an environmentalist.  I am concerned with the unequal distribution of environmental protection and resources and for this reason I am very interested in becoming more involved in the urban agriculture movement at Concordia. I have a growing interest in sustainability and environmental conservation and this would be a great chance to get involved in projects relating to these subject matters. I myself have benefited from the informative workshops and projects directly linked to the greenhouse- such as the City Farm School, and I am truly excited by the idea of becoming apart of the process. I have experience working collectively on projects and have contributed in the form of outreach and volunteering.

Prisca Ayassamy

My name is Prisca I did my bachelor degree at Concordia University. I am a graduate student in the Environmental Science program. For my project, I have done researches on agriculture on rooftops. and on how to develop a more sustainable food system. In addition, I have held a Manager position in the past in the Marketing department, where I had to promote and be creative about products and campaign innovation. I am very enthusiastic, and motivated to join in the team of the board members comitee at Concordia, so as to innovate and create a positive change. My experience in researches have brought me the relevant knowledge and skills to be able to be part of this comitee.

Stephanie Zahara

I recently completed the full Market Gardener City Farm School Internship through the Concordia Greenhouse. Since I have been here, my confidence has grown significantly in my abilities as a farmer, and I am ready to take on a new challenge of learning the operations side of agriculture, and become involved in decision-making that will both benefit myself in the gaining of new skills and knowledge, and the greenhouse as a whole. I hope to bring some fresh ideas to the team, and be a positive voice on the Board to help continue the growth and success of its operations.

Emma Alex

My ambitious and earnest attitude coupled with my sustainability and community work make me an excellent candidate for this position.
As a resident of NDG, I have spent years serving as a Board Member for Westhaven Elmhurst Community Center. Within this time, I have become familiar with the appropriate communication and protocols surrounding the community network. A fragment of my responsibilities include management of staff and coordinator, manage and oversee the budget and organize job refreshing skills (ex. CPR training). At present, I am finishing my degree in the environment domain at Concordia University; preparing me for a career in sustainability that focuses in great detail on urban settings.

More information on joining the Board of Directors:

What does the Board of Directors do?
Being a member of the Board of Directors (BoD) is an excellent way to be more involved in the shaping of the Greenhouse activities and gain valuable experience working and collaborating within a non-profit organization!
It means you will be responsible for working with the other board members and the collective to make some high-level decisions about finances, governance, policy and future projects. Board members help guide and maintain the vision of the organization by supporting staff members while they fulfill the day to day operations and providing structure and perspective to the larger function.

What’s required of you as a board member? 
Time commitments can vary, and are mostly dependent on events and your own personal capacity.
The initial orientation phase requires all new board members to attend a 8 hour Integration session (to be held November 19th and 20th at the beginning of your term).
In general otherwise, you can expect to contribute between 5 and 10 hours per month on basic Board member duties.
There always more opportunities to contribute in the form of outreach, volunteering, special projects and committees to further benefit the Greenhouse, as well!

“What is the process of becoming a Concordia Greenhouse Board member?
1. Individuals contact the Concordia Greenhouse before the deadline and submit their application along with any questions you may have. [See below]
2. It will be posted on the Concordia Greenhouse website and attached to the newsletter. Please make sure your statement contains only information that you are comfortable to share publicly.
3. The current Concordia Greenhouse board members will review the applications, and will contact you to confirm your candidacy and invite you to speak at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), and at that time answer questions you may have about your potential involvement.
4. Successful candidates must attend the Concordia Greenhouse’s AGM , where they will be asked to briefly present themselves in 1 minute or less.
5. The Concordia Greenhouse’s membership elects new board members at the AGM.

Please download and complete our Board of Directors Application, and send it to


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