Welcoming Our New Board Of Directors!

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Huge thanks to everyone who attended our Annual General Meeting! It was a lovely evening of live accordion by Concordian musician Bashu Namai-Roy, tasty chili and brownies from The Hive Co-operative Cafe and a great presentation of our year in review.

We would like to welcome our 2016-2017 Board of Directors!

Cedric Yargeau – Undergraduate student member

My name is Cedric and I am a 27 year old undergraduate student studying in Human Environment & Urban Studies. In terms of relevant skills that I offer I would say that my innovative and creative mind along with my critical thinking are among the more relevant. My involvement in cegep has shown me that I have a natural talent for project management and time management which leads me to greatly desire joining the board of directors to further develop these skills.

Shanara Eisan – Undergraduate student member

My name is Shanara Eisan and I am an undergraduate student at Concordia and I consider myself an environmentalist.  I am concerned with the unequal distribution of environmental protection and resources and for this reason I am very interested in becoming more involved in the urban agriculture movement at Concordia. I have experience working collectively on projects and have contributed in the form of outreach and volunteering.

Prisca Ayassamy – Graduate student/community member

My name is Prisca I did my bachelor degree at Concordia University. I am a graduate student in the Environmental Science program. For my project, I have done researches on agriculture on rooftops. and on how to develop a more sustainable food system. In addition, I have held a Manager position in the past in the Marketing department, where I had to promote and be creative about products and campaign innovation.

Emmerika Alexander – Undergraduate student member

My ambitious and earnest attitude coupled with my sustainability and community work make me an excellent candidate for this position. I have become familiar with the appropriate communication and protocols surrounding the community network. A fragment of my responsibilities include management of staff and coordinator, manage and oversee the budget and organize job refreshing skills (ex. CPR training). At present, I am finishing my degree in the environment domain at Concordia University; preparing me for a career in sustainability that focuses in great detail on urban settings.

Leah Peck – Undergraduate student member

I am repeat board member who has had a wonderful first year at the Greenhouse and am looking to extend this experience! During my first year I participated in the strategic planning committee and am interested to stay on the board to see how the organizational audit continues to be implemented by both the board and the collective.

Stephanie Zahara – Community member

I recently completed the full Market Gardener City Farm School Internship through the Concordia Greenhouse. Since I have been here, my confidence has grown significantly in my abilities as a farmer, and I am ready to take on a new challenge of learning the operations side of agriculture, and become involved in decision-making that will both benefit myself in the gaining of new skills and knowledge, and the greenhouse as a whole.

Melina Cucciniello – Community member

I believe that my past experience as an Executive Administrative Assistant will prove to be valuable in assisting with meeting and event arrangements; preparing reports and financial data, and can undertake a wide variety of tasks and responsibilities in a number of different contexts. I am grateful for this opportunity and I look forward to working with the other members to further the mission of the Greenhouse and achieve the goals that are set out.

Ina Kaplan – Community member

I came to realise that the green house is a hub of beneficial and enriching projects and programs that make the urban space liveable. The programs the greenhouse offer provide valuable opportunity to learn practical skills and to network thus  creating impressive urban food security schemes and providing interactive learning experience. I would be happy to contribute to such an important and beneficial framework.

Myrah Graham – Undergraduate student member

We`re all looking forward to an exciting year together!


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