Board of Directors Candidates 2017-2018

Now announcing our 2017 Board of directors applicants!

Please take a look and if you are a Concordia undergraduate or a member of the Concordia Greenhouse make sure to come to our Annual General Meeting on Monday, November 6th, 6-8pm!

Emmerika Alexander – Concordia Undergraduate

Hey! My name is Emmerika Alexander (Emmy) and I sat on the board for the Greenhouse this past year. I participated in the market gardener internship with City Farm School the session of 2016 and just can’t seem to leave:) I am a stickler for homegrown organizations that service its surrounding community. One of my many loves is the environment and I have every intention of spreading a little love wherever I go.

Nicole Blouet  – Community

J’aimerais poser ma candidature pour un poste d’administrateur sur votre conseil d’administration. Je possède une vingtaine d’années d’expérience en comptabilité, administration et gestion des ressources humaines. Je suis une personne responsable et rigoureuse. L’alimentation bio et manger sainement font partie de mon nouveau mode de vie. J’aimerais m’impliquer et participer à vos ateliers de formation.J’ai une très bonne disponibilité. Ma langue maternelle est le français mais je comprends très bien l’anglais.Je travaille présentement au ministère de l’économie,des sciences et de l’innovation. Nous avons des programmes d’aide financière en économie sociale.

Popz Dominguez – Concordia Undergraduate

My name is Popz Dominguez and I’m doing my BComm in Accountancy as a mature entrant at Concordia. For the past ten years, I have worked in Accounting for the film and television industry where I was able to gain relevant experience applicable to the Board of Director position at Concordia Greenhouse. As such, I’m hoping to serve as part of the Finance work group and make valuable contribution to the team. In addition, I can also be of value to Human Resources work group as I have experience with hiring, training, and managing staff members.
I’ve held positions such as Financial Analyst and Production Controller where my main duties included budget analysis, cost reporting, financing applications, financial reporting, and internal audit. I have extensive experience collaborating with other team members to finish both short‐term and long‐term projects on time. Furthermore, my experience liaising with external people such as bank managers, third‐party vendors, and direct business competitors have helped me hone my communications as well as my diplomacy skills.
I’m applying for the Board of Director position at Concordia Greenhouse because I would like to be involved in something that benefits not only the community exclusive to Concordia University, but for the surrounding communities as well. I believe communities grow by continuously learning from and interacting with each other. And it seems that Concordia Greenhouse provides that kind relationship within community members.

Darren Shield – Community

I wish to post my candidature for a position on the board of directors working on strategic planning for projects or if that is not available human resources.
My first choice of study in school was business and marketing. Upon graduation I felt a little lost, I wanted to be involved in organizations but could never find positions that met my view of the world. I produce sprouts and greens at home including raising crawfish in an aquaponic system. I am also currently attending the City Farm School to further increase my knowledge. Having the eye of an ecologist I see many plant, fungal and insect relationships that sometimes others do not. As a strategic planner I would hope to being my knowledge and experience to the team. Being immersed in agriculture all day I will also have access to information resources and advice from relations at Lufa farms and within other farming communities to better improve this project.

Prisca Ayassamy – Undergraduate

My name is Prisca. I am a Ph.D. student in Environmental Science. I have been a member of the Board of Director at The Concordia Greenhouse during 2016-2017. I am re-applying to serve this year as well.I have many years of Management and Marketing. Plus, I have my own lab, where I practice diverse experiments.

Susan Carmichael – Community

I am a Special Education Technician for the English Montreal School Board, working to
help promote integration for students with special needs. I have always been passionate about urban farming, and prior to working in schools, I worked as a landscaper. To further pursue my passion, I applied for and am in the process of completing a Certificate in Market Gardening from City Farms School. Through this program, I have had the opportunity to work in the Concordia Greenhouse, as well as help manage, operate and promote the Loyola Garden and market stand. I believe the Concordia Greenhouse presents a unique way for students and community members to learn more about urban farming and local food systems. I feel strongly about ensuring it is properly managed and continues to flourish and hope to be able to contribute through my involvement. Through my minor in Human Relations and significant experience
with conflict resolution as a Special Education Technician, I believe I could positively contribute to the Human Resource work group. I am confident my dedication, passion and desire to learn and collaborate with others would make me a positive asset to the Board of Directors. I am excited for the opportunity to take a more active role in the Concordia Greenhouse and I lookforward to meeting everyone at the AGM!

Diana Moallem

To be announced.

Samantha Scafidi

I have just completed the City Farm School Medicinal Herbalism Internship program and I was looking for a way to stay involved with a community I have come to respect. I like what the greenhouse is, how among other things, it provides a place for students to break away from the city and connect to a space inspired by nature. Ten years of experience as a scenic artist and a builder in theater has taught me how to get things done, together. I recognize how important a space like this is and I would be happy to help take care of it and help it grow.



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