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We are recruiting new board of directors members at our Annual General Meeting, coming up on Monday, November 6th, 6-8pm in the Greenhouse!


The Concordia Greenhouse’s mission is to provide a welcoming, organic green space that fosters community by providing experiential learning opportunities within a year-round growing environment.

The Concordia Greenhouse Project is a collectively run, consensus-based, non-profit organization. It uses the Henry H. Hall Building rooftop greenhouse as an all-organic space geared towards community, education and sustainable horticulture. The Greenhouse is a year-round green space that hosts workshops, projects and events raising awareness around food issues and alternatives to mainstream consumerism.

We aspire to strengthen the urban agriculture movement at Concordia University and in Montreal by growing local produce using ecological practices, providing experiential learning opportunities through volunteering, internships and jobs, and networking with other like-minded individuals and organizations.



Would you like to further your involvement in the Concordia Greenhouse as an administrator on our Board of Directors? Submit your application to run for our election at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on November 6th from 6-8pm.  

During our AGM, members of the Concordia Greenhouse (undergraduate students, staff, volunteers and current board) will elect new board members.

What does being on the Board imply?

Being a member of the Board of Directors (BoD) is an excellent way to be more involved in the shaping of the Greenhouse activities and gain valuable experience working and collaborating within a non-profit organization!

It means you will be responsible for working with other board members and the collective itself to make some decisions about finances, governance, policy and future projects.

Board members are responsible for providing accountability to the vision of the organization, developing long and short term strategic plans and organizational policies and financial oversight, while  staff members fulfill the day to day operations and decision-making.


Orientation and Board Training:

The initial orientation phase requires all new board members to attend a 2-day Orientation session to be held November 18 and 19, both full days.

It is important for board members to have good communication skills, attend trainings, board meeting and their full-term in order for the organization to function smoothly and productively.

Time Commitment:

In general, you can expect to contribute between 5 and 10 hours per month on basic board member duties, which include monthly Board of directors (BOD) AND work group meetings.  As meetings take place on weekday evenings, members of the Concordia Greenhouse BOD should expect to participate in two weekday evening meetings per month.  Directors are expected to participate in at least one work group  (See: below), or they can volunteer to be the chairperson for a semester. In which case, expected duties would be, but not limited to: creating and sending out the meeting agenda, providing follow-up on assigned tasks, setting meeting schedule as well as ensuring proper attendance, ensuring meeting minutes are proper and filled in the right location, along with various other tasks related to meeting management.  Specific training will be provided to anyone wishing to fulfill this duty.  If interested, please indicate so in your application.

Work Groups

We are looking for new board members to join our team for the following work groups. A strong board has members with the skills that are needed to make informed decisions. This year, we have identified the following skillsets as most needed by our board.

Please take a look at each work group and the skills required and let us know what you can bring to our dynamic team! Please outline which work group(s) you are interested in joining and why in your application.

Fundraising and Outreach

  • Grant writing
  • Fundraising campaigns
  • Community engagement

Strategic Planning

  • Project management: sufficient knowledge about greenhouse infrastructures and experience in development/implementation of substantial repairs – Furthermore, experience with managerial negotiations an asset.
  • Capital campaigns and/or campaign management


  • Background in accounting or financial management
  • Experience in financial policy development
  • Experience in setting long-term financial goals and the strategies to carry them out

Human Resources

  • Experience with hiring, evaluations and/or conflict resolution
  • Prior knowledge of various policies governing employment and conflict resolution within similar organisations (profit or non-profit)


Qualifications of board applicants

  • 18 years or older
  • Able to serve a one or two year commitment
  • Possess the skills and expertise required to address this year’s board priorities , as identified through the list of work groups


What is the process of becoming a Concordia Greenhouse Board member?

  1. Individuals contact the Concordia Greenhouse before Friday, October 27th and submit their application along with any questions you may have.
  2. Our team will arrange a meet and greet pre-interview to answer all your questions, and explore whether your profile is aligned with the needs and role on our board.
  3. A portion of your written statement will be posted on the Concordia Greenhouse website, and attached to the newsletter so the Concordia Greenhouse community has the opportunity to familiarize themselves with you in advance of the AGM. Please make sure your statement contains only information that you are comfortable sharing publicly.   
  4. Successful candidates must attend the Concordia Greenhouse’s AGM on Monday, November 6th, 6-8pm, where they will be asked to briefly present themselves in 1 minute or less.  
  5. The Concordia Greenhouse’s membership (undergraduate students, volunteers, staff and board) elects new board members at the AGM by private ballot.
  6. Board members must attend the mandatory board training, which will be scheduled for late Novemberduring the weekend.

Completed applications must be submitted no later than Friday, October 27th via email at

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