Agro – Jobs and Internships

               Image of CultivAction Plot located at Loyola campus.

Hey everybody! Spring is almost here and with it comes an abundance of various gardening / farming organizations looking for experienced individuals. Below you will find many agro-opportunities that could help grow your level of experience or career. Click on the links for more information!

Santropol Roulant 

Santropol Roulant is a collaborative work environment that values and actively contributes to the professional and personal development of its employees. We prioritize offering paid positions to young people who are passionate about the work and mission of the Roulant, and who bring a great mix of valuable experiences and the desire to develop new skills.

Candidature spontanée – Open Application
Gestionnaire de la Popote Roulante/ Meals-on-Wheels Manager

Volunteer With our Working Groups 

Hamidou Horticulture is a project for the production and sale of ethnic and ancient vegetable plants.

​Are you immigrants or descendants of immigrants? Do you like discovering new plants and flavors? Are you a community or urban agriculture project wishing to grow plants from here, elsewhere and before? For your culinary trials, for your daily life or for your neighbours, we offer you healthy plants grown according to organic standards.

​We also offer consulting services in organic vegetable production.

Courses and Internships 
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Summer 2023 Hamidou Horticulture Academie – in partnership with Concordia

Hamidou Horticulture Academie (entire course) – in partnership with Concordia

Spring 2023 Hamidou Horticulture Academie – in partnership with Concordia

Our mission is to facilitate transitions towards food sovereign communities by practicing regenerative agriculture to nourish local populations, cultivate urban green spaces and to support sustainable food production. We offer urban agriculture workshops and community service learning opportunities to empower people with the knowledge to grow their own food and participate in a movement to cultivate a more resilient, just and food secure future. We see our work in the Duff-Court Community in Lachine and at Concordia as a political act and look to create networks of reciprocity and connection with other groups who share a deep commitment to social justice and food sovereignty.

Click on the Courses / Internships Below  

Urban Agriculture Certificate

              Cultivating Urban Greenspaces

         Critical Food Studies Reading Group

           Guided Hands on Learning Experience

Hydroflora is a Montreal based community of diverse entrepreneurs united by a vision of city life wholly infused with nature. This vision we aim to realize through a holistic approach: By creating artistic, innovative, and educational growing installations, designing interior vegetation decor and providing plant care services, by teaching educational workshops, and conducting research and development in alternative growing practices and community wellness.

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Monday Volunteer Sessions
(5pm – 7pm)

Come learn from your  local hydroponic experts. Participants are guided through the regular tasks and operations conducted in the greenhouse. 

Work with SAF

Click here for more information

Gender Advocacy

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