This week in the GREENHOUSE!

Talking Circle: Urban Forests1013556_584813984914825_1731183510_n
Wednesday, October 9th, 5pm – 7pm        In the Atrium Lounge

Suggested topic: Is it possible to live in an urban forest?

Talking circle : A form of conversation inspired by aboriginal tradition. The circle creates a space for discussion and listening.

Although talking circles are simple, they must be experienced. One cannot get a sense of how it feels to be in a circle from hearing it described. Circles work like normal conversation except that we pass an object to show whose turn it is to speak. Whoever has the object can pass, wait, or speak, and everyone is to listen.
Children are welcome.

Contact for more info:

Jam Session in the Greenhouse!

Thursday, October 10th, 5pm- 7pm                                                   In the Atrium Lounge

Come liven up the greenhouse with some music! Bring your instruments, friends and tunes! From 5 to 7 pm we are opening the atrium for everyone to come play their instruments together. You can look forward to making some music alongside the talented Kate Killoran, who’s haunting voice and folk rhythm are sure to get you inspired!


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