This week in the Greenhouse!

House Plant Sale  veg

As the fall rolls in and pushes the sun further away from us, you might be preparing yourself for more time indoors to keep warm, and perhaps preparing for the long hours of student life commitments. However, we can always keep some green in our lives even in the face of cooler weather with the help of our house plant allies, and the Concordia Greenhouse is hosting a plant sale this month just for that.

On September 23rd and 24th from 11am-5pm (or until supplies last), we have a selection of plants to offer you for both sun and shade, both large and small, and all eager for new home. Prices range from $3-30, and we will be providing discounts to undergraduate students in gracious thanks for accepting us as a fee levy group. Don’t forget to bring your student ID!

Here are some species we will have to offer:

– zebrina

– aloe (from small to very large)

– spider plant

– snake plant

– cuban oregano

– purple heart plant

– mexican hat

– prickly pear cactus

– papyrus

– oakleaf ivy

– dwarf money tree

– areca palm

– catnip

– papaya

– lemon tree (large)

**** Note: the earlier you come, the more selection you will have, some species are short in numbers. Hope to see you there!

ART and Agriculture: grow-graffitiSustainable Street Art:

This month greenhouse collective member Sheena will be offering two workshops on combining your love of creativity and plants! Come get crafty during these 5a7 Social events!

Wednesday, September 25th, 5-7

From Moss Graffiti, to seed bombs to street repairs – come and learn about creative and non-toxic ways to create sustainable street art in the urban landscape. Free.

Houseplant Propagation

Thursday, September 26th, 5pm-7pmVcfQIMZ1jQLaNWGeTJHumzn7p7VM-LXFI72wCK0bQUU,EgjXnwCgL2mcpdOkMLr-0WAcRcZ_uZyyeC2_2jB4jHs

Plants are among the organisms of this world that cannot get up and move if they grow in a place that is not optimal for their survival. So, over the course of evolution, the plant kingdom has developed a plethora of ingenious forms of reproduction to be able to “walk” about in case of need.

In this workshop we will be exploring how as urban plant lovers we can employ some of these techniques to further populate the city with plants by multiplying them for ourselves and our loved ones. In so doing, we will also be learning how to keep your house plants healthy and pruned, and we’ll explore some basics of plant anatomy to help you make informed decisions when your plants go under the knife.

Finally, you will be getting some hands-on experience propagating a few of the easiest, basic species, and we’ll have demonstrations of a few techniques in progress so you can see what it looks like.


Attention volunteers!
The Atrium Garden volunteer session will be delayed  by an hour on September 29th, so the shift will be from 2-4 instead of 1-3, but only for that week.


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