Events This Week in the Greenhouse!

Art in the Atrium Workshops: Natural Painting Tool Kit

Tuesday, January 28th, 5pm – 7pmimages (1)

Atrium Lounge

Here is a spin on an old, beloved DIY workshop: learn how to make your own natural paints and dyes, and go a step further by building your own recovered material canvases and personalized wooden paintbrushes. A series of bits-and-bobbins materials will make for some really interesting tools (have you ever painted with wolf’s fur? or on old patterned sweaters?) and new media to explore. This workshop will save you big dough at the art store, and is a much more fun and sustainable way to paint.


Qi Gong and Tai Ji class

Wednesday, January 29th,


5:00 — 7:00

Atrium Lounge

Come to learn the ancient eastern art of calming down while at the same time rejuvenating our body and mind. Instruction will be given for various gestures, movements, breathing, and attentional focus that lend themselves to organizing the three brains: the reptilian, the mammalian, and the neo-cortex. Walk away from the practice refreshed and with some new tricks to take care of your body and mind and lower your overall stress level. Because space is limited please RSVP Tristan Stark: Sliding scale fee: $5—20.

RISE Kombucha Information Session and Tasting

Thursday, January 30th, 5 to 7 pmimages

Atrium Lounge

No pre-registration and free of cost

RISE Kombucha is offering a free information session and tasting at the Greenhouse. Participants will learn about the different stages of development of Kombucha and how it’s made, as well as get to taste the different flavors of Kombucha that RISE has to offer.


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