Greenhouse Closed in Support of Student Strike

In support of the students on strike and respect for the picket line around the Hall building, the Concordia Greenhouse will be closed for the duration of the CSU mandated strike: March 15 – March 22.
Our upcoming workshop has been moved to a new space so let’s keep on learnin’!

Biodynamic Farming Workshop
WHEN: Tuesday March 20 11:30-12:30
WHERE: QPIRG-Concordia
1500 de Maisonneuve West, #204
Montreal, Quebec

Come learn about the basics of biodynamics history and contemporary methods. We will experiment with practical plant-based preparations to enhance soil quality and plant life.

Biodynamic agriculture is a method that means to unite man with nature in order to create a living environment through the subtle interactions of earth, plants, animals and human beings, trying to find equilibrium and unity. The biodynamic movement recognizes that the life of a farm is exposed to many influences: the subtle rhythms of the sun, the moon and the planets form the basis of an annually produced planting calendar. This guides the farmer towards appropriate times for cultivation and sowing for maximum quantity and quality.


Concordia Greenhouse


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