Vert Ta Ville Seedling Sale List!


Hey Green Thumbs!

Did you know we have an EPIC seedling sale coming up this May 15th and 16th, 10am – 7pm (until supplies last!) Check out all our varieties below. Click the links to each seed producing farm to learn more about certain plants! $2-$3 for plants!



Broccoli Belstar
Broccoli Purple Peacock
Cabbage Savoie
Cabbage Michihili
Cabbage Red Express
Cabbage Copenhagen
Cauliflower Snow ball
Celery Celebration
Chard Rainbow
Cucumber Marketmore
Cucumber Lebanese
Cucumber Space Master
Eggplant Ping Tung Long
Eggplant Listada di Gandia
Fennel Perfection
Ground Cherry Golden Husk
Ground Cherry Little Lanterns
Hot Pepper Black Hungarian
Hot Pepper Red Rocket
Hot Pepper Bulgarian Carrot
Hot Pepper Chinese five colours
Hot Pepper Early Jalapeno
Hot Pepper Ancho Poblano
Kale Lacinato
Kale Red Russian
Kale Vates
Kohlrabi White Vienna
Kohlrabi Purple Vienna
Melon Montreal Melon
Melon Delicious 51
Melon Minnesota Midget
Melon Charentais
Melon Watermelon- Sugar Baby
Onion Evergreen Scallion
Pepper King of the North
Pepper Chocolate
Pepper mandarine
Pepper Iko Iko
Pepper Mini Bell Pepper mix
Pepper Shishito
Pumpkin Baby Pam (pie pumpkin)
Squash – Summer Dark Green
Squash – Summer Golden
Squash – Summer Ronde de Nice
Squash – Winter Delicata
Squash – Winter Butternut (Waltham)
Squash – Winter Spaghetti
Tomatillios Green
Tomatillios Purple
Tomato Isis Candy
Tomato Gold Nugget
Tomato Montreal Tasty
Tomato Petit Moineau
Tomato Tiny Tim
Tomato San Marzano
Tomato Brandywine Pink
Tomato New Big Dwarf
Tomato Cherokee Purple
Tomato Noir du Portage
Tomato Black Cherry
Tomato Jubilee Jaune
Tomato Pineapple
Tomato Green Zebra
Tomato Matt Wild
Tomato Silvery Fir Tree
Fines Herbes
Aneth Bouquet
Basilic Genovese
Basilic Cinnamon
Basilic Rosie
Basilic Thai
Basilic Aton (Container)
Coriandre Cilantro
Menthe Spearmint
Origan Common
Persil Frise Darki
Persil Italian (Flat leaf)
Sauge Common
Thym Thyme
Savory Summer
Marjoram Sweet marjoram
Chives Chives
Nasturtium Dwarf Jewel
Mauve Musquee
Marigold Gem
Sunflower Mix
Rudbeckia Black eyed Susan
alyssum White Carpet
cosmos Sensation mix
chyrsanthemum Crazy Daisy
Medicinal Plants
Calendula Flashback Mix
Chamomile Bodegold
Guimauve (Yves Gagnon) Marshmallow
Nettle Stinging
Mélisse (Lemon Balm) common
SEEDS for direct seeding
Beans- Snap Bush Multicolour Mix
Beans- Snap Bush Provider
Peas Sugar Snap
Arugula Arugula
Radish Raxe
Beets Detroit Dark Red
Swiss Chard Rainbow
Spinach Bloomsdale
Lettuce Mesclun Mix
Carrot Witches Fingers
Carrot Red Cored Chantenay



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