House Plant Sale!


Tuesday, February 9th, 11am – 6pm (as long as supplies last)

Join us for our annual winter plant sale! Come check out our ecologically-grown rooftop house plants and green up your home.

Some available plant varieties include:
Mexican hats
Weeping Fig
Lemon geranium
Prickly pear cactus
Cuban oregano
Spider plants
Moses in the cradle
Callisia fragrans
… and a variety of other larger and smaller plants!

Prices vary and generally ranging from $2-$20.00.
Limited stock available.

Bring a bag or box to protect your plants during transportation in the cold weather.
There may be a line as this is generally a very popular event.

13th floor, 1455 de Maisonneuve – Hall Building

To access the Greenhouse, there are two flights of stairs from the 12th to 13th floor. For those with reduced mobility, please contact us at 514-848-2424 x. 5134 for information on accessing the Greenhouse by way of the utility elevator.


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